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NXT UK results: Women's title on the line, Imperium forms


Taped April 20, 2019 at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland

Quick results --

WALTER, Marcel Barthel, and Fabian Aichner declared that they would be known as Imperium henceforth. Pete Dunne and British Strong Style attacked them, which led to a wild brawl.

Gallus beat Team WhiteWolf in a quick squash that really didn't allow the two Spaniards to show what they can do in the ring. Kassius Ohno defeated Jack Gallagher in controversial fashion in a clinic of the British style.

In the main event, Toni Storm defended her NXT UK Women's Championship against Nina Samuels.

Full rundown --

The show opened with a highlight video of last week's WALTER vs. Pete Dunne main event, including scenes of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel helping WALTER retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

WALTER, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner in-ring promo

After the opening, Antonín Dvorák's Symphony No. 9 played and WALTER, Barthel, and Aichner made their way to the ring. As they got ready to address the crowd, the fans started chanting "We want Dunne."

Barthel, who has some of the best facials in the business right now, took his sweet time before beginning to talk: "We are here to lead you to a better NXT UK. We are here to raise our flag and restore the honor and professionalism of our sport. We are the ones to lead. And we are the ones who hold true power."

Aichner continued: "Pete Dunne can only get you so far. And British Strong Style has expired. Because none of them had the ability to lead NXT UK in the right direction. And now, the responsibility lays in our hands."

WALTER concluded: "To us, this mat is sacred. And from this day forth we shall be known as Imperium. And soon, NXT..."

At that point, Dunne's music interrupted the Ring General and he walked out, backed up by Moustache Mountain. The two teams began brawling, eventually crashing into a cameraman and taking out the feed.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness were on screen next, throwing it to Radzi Chinyanganya interviewing Sid Scala. He announced that Johnny Saint and himself had decided that Imperium would face off with British Strong Style in two weeks.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) beat Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) when Wolfgang pinned Romo after a power slam/kick combo (3:27)

A-Kid at just 22 has had two highly talked about matches, against Zack Sabre Jr. and Will Ospreay. He started wrestling in 2012 in his native Spain, where he primarily competed for White Wolf Wrestling, an upstart indie with a rabid fan base.

A-Kid recently started wrestling full-time in the UK, working primarily for RevPro, but also Defiant, PROGRESS, and ATTACK Pro, as well as GWF and wXw in Germany. His partner, Romo, actually was partially trained by A-Kid, starting out in 2014. He also has been more active in the UK scene lately, working for RevPro, Attack Pro, Fight Club: PRO, and Defiant, among others. Both were also part of some shows over WrestleMania weekend this year and have been working as a team in the UK since last fall.

Wolfgang attacked Romo right away, and Gallus quickly took turns working the young Spaniard over. A-Kid was tagged in, but bounced off Coffey and received a choke slam for his troubles. Mark locked in a full nelson and started throwing the smaller man around a few times, concluding with a big slam.

A-Kid evaded a knee drop and managed the hot tag, but Romo got his head separated from his shoulders. Wolfgang finished him off with a power slam, assisted by a kick from Coffey for the win.

Hopefully Team WhiteWolf will be back at a future taping -- they'd have great matches with the likes of Moustache Mountain, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, and Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan.

- Radzi interviewed Xia Brookside and asked about Jinny and Jazzy Gabert attacking her. Isla Dawn walked up and offered to team up with Brookside against Jinny & Gabert.

- Joseph Conners cut a backstage promo, challenging Ilja Dragunov for a future match. It seems like Conners' health is not one of his primary concerns.

- A video recapped the qualifying matches for the fatal four-way to establish the new number one contender for WALTER's WWE UK Championship.

- We saw Toni Storm getting ready for her championship match in tonight's main event

Kassius Ohno pinned Jack Gallagher after the roaring elbow (12:35)

McGuinness analyzed both competitors and predicted it would be a clash of technical wrestling and submissions vs. striking ability. Ohno took Gallagher down with a hip throw and locked in an armbar, but Gallagher made the ropes. They transitioned into mat wrestling, with Gallagher showing his technical prowess.

Ohno used his size to his advantage, leveraging Gallagher into another armbar, which eventually got countered into a headscissors. They traded unique submission attempts and chain wrestling moves with neither man being able to get a clear advantage over the other.

Gallagher did a headstand in the corner, then flipped over a charging Ohno and rolled into a ball. Instead of trying to gain some hold on Gallagher, Ohno just stomped him. Gallagher at that point started bleeding from the nose from a stiff shot by Ohno. Ohno hit a big boot on Gallagher for a near fall.

As Ohno was looking for the rolling elbow, Gallagher headbutted his wrist and followed up with body shots, targeting Ohno's arm and eventually locking in an armbar and transitioning into another one. Gallagher hit another headbutt, but Ohno managed to hit a senton before falling down.

As Gallagher went for a forearm off the ropes, Ohno hit the roaring elbow, knocking Gallagher out for the pin, even though Gallagher's foot was under the ropes, which the referee missed.

- Piper Niven was interviewed by some reporters, who asked about Rhea Ripley stating that Niven couldn't stop talking about her. Niven said she came here to fight, not to talk and she would face Ripley if she was up for it.

- A recap video of Imperium and British Strong Style brawling earlier tonight aired, including a graphic of the two teams facing off in two weeks.

- Next week will feature the number one contender's fatal four-way between Travis Banks, Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff, and Jordan Devlin.

NXT UK Women's Championship match: Toni Storm retained against Nina Samuels after Storm Zero (9:45)

Samuels started out showing some athleticism, but the champion hit a boot that sent Samuels to ringside, then followed up with a dropkick and a number of uppercuts. Samuels came back with a kick as the referee broke them up in the corner. Samuels took over, bending Storm backwards over the top rope.

Samuels proceeded to work over Storm's previously injured back, which seemed to be successful for a while. Storm came back with a release German suplex, then locked in a modified STF, but Samuels made the ropes.

They traded offense on the apron. Samuels eventually got the upper hand with a head kick over the top rope, then launched herself back into the ring with a corkscrew splash. Storm hit a headbutt into Samuels as she was charging at her and got a near fall off it, but it was obvious she also hurt her own head from the move.

Storm followed up with a bridging German suplex for another near fall. Samuels came back with a cradle for another two count and a butterfly into a backbreaker for a pinfall attempt, then a top rope dropkick for another one.

Storm finally came back with another headbutt, then hit two flow-over suplexes and finally Storm Zero to retain her title.

Next week --

Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, Travis Banks, and Dave Mastiff battle it out in a fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.