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WWE 205 Live results: Amari Miller vs. Cora Jade


Report --

Amari Miller defeated Cora Jade

Before today, I don’t believe I’ve seen Miller or Jade wrestle. They had a fine enough match in typical 205 Live fashion. Will I remember it happening this time next week? Probably not. 

The match opened with a back-and-forth exchange that lasted some time. As the match entered its midpoint, the trading continued with more impactful maneuvers. The match pacing changed as Miller connected with substantial offense for the first time. Jade escaped from the first actual stint of offense and began to rally.

The comeback lasted for a while, but came to an unexpected end after Miller freed herself from a fireman’s carry and delivered a devastating knee strike. The knee proved to be enough to close the match. 

Joe Gacy defeated Josh Briggs

The cruiserweight brand’s heavyweight division carries on with a Briggs/Gacy rematch. As they did last time, both Biggs and Gacy let their size shine through. This match was very entertaining. 

The match opened with Gacy forcing Briggs into the corner and unloading with heavy strikes. A forearm strike from Gacy seemingly left Briggs rocked, but Briggs responded with one of his own that left Gacy desperate. Now in control, Briggs landed big move after big move.

Briggs slowed the match by taking things to the mat with a chinlock. Gacy slowly fought to his feet, winning an old-school test of strength. Briggs stopped Gacy by flattening him with a shoulder tackle. After a whip into the ropes, Gacy hit a tackle of his own. Gacy connected with a belly-to-back suplex, followed by clubbing strikes against the ropes. A belly-to-belly from Gacy followed immediately by a crossface nearly left Gacy with victory. 

Gacy grew frustrated after the crossface failed to win him the match. He stomped and clubbed at Briggs, only for Briggs to connect with a world-shaking boot after being gifted a second of space. Gacy kicked out. 

Briggs sent Gacy back into the ropes; this time, Gacy came out with a ravishing handspring lariat. Gacy then pinned Briggs in full mount. 

Xyon Quinn defeated Andre Chase

This match was all Quinn. He has an impressive look about him, no doubt. As for his future, only time will tell. 

The match opened with a back and forth, but Quinn’s power left him with early control. The former pro rugby player tossed Chase around as if it was nothing. With a premature end in sight, Chase saved himself by sidestepping a spear, sending Quinn into the turnbuckle post.

Chase connected with a lot of quick moves over an extended period. Quinn’s power shined through once more as he won a strike exchange, closed with a Samoan drop.

Quinn hoisted Chase onto his shoulders and hit a neckbreaker to complete a quick match.