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WWE 205 Live results: Angel Garza vs. Jack Gallagher

gallagher vs garza 205

The show opened with highlights from Wednesday's NXT Cruiserweight title match between Lio Rush and Akira Tozawa. 

Tom Phillips and Aiden English then welcomed us to the third anniversary of the 205 Live brand. What a time to be alive. 



Daivari used a side headlock and hit some chops. Mendoza hit a cartwheel, a leapfrog, then sent Daivari outside, which led to nothing. Back inside, Mendoza hit a tijeras, then a springboard tijeras. Mendoza hit a suicide dive. 

Mendoza tried another springboard attack, but Daivari shoved him off the ropes to the floor. Daivari sent Mendoza into the steps, then tossed him back inside. He hit an elbow drop for a near fall, then worked a chinlock. 

Mendoza broke free of the chinlock, only to be hip tossed into the buckle. Daivari tried a top rope splash but missed. They exchanged strikes. Mendoza connected with a disaster kick, then a springboard missile dropkick for a near fall. 

Daivari dodged a pump kick, then hit a uranage for a two count. Mendoza answered with another disaster kick, then hit a modified black hole slam. Daivari blocked another pump kick and hit a superkick. 

The finish saw Mendoza hit two kicks. He tried a uranage, but Daivari blocked, then hit a hammerlock lariat for the pin.

This featured some good action, but if I were putting these matches together I would have suggested picking up the pace. The crowd was dead. 


Jack Gallagher cut a selfie promo backstage. He said it's no secret that he's been unlucky lately, but he's here tonight to remind Angel Garza and himself that he's great. He said if he loses, he doesn't know what he'll do. 

Garza then cut a promo. He said he doesn't care what happens to Jack, and that he wants to beat Jack again, "Because everybody knows what Garza gets, what Garza wants." He said after he's done with Jack, he wants Lio Rush to stop avoiding him and give him a rematch. 

Both promos were actually quite good, but Garza's verbiage was slightly off. 



This was a squash. Williams was the perfect jobber and took a heck of a beating. 

They locked up. Williams hit a slap to the face. Burch answered with a big right hand, then used a headlock takeover. Burch hit a shoulder block. Williams tried a leapfrog, but Burch turned it into a flapjack. 

Burch hit a couple of European uppercuts, then a vertical suplex. Williams got a brief spurt of offense with a jaw breaker and some strikes, but Burch responded with a headbutt, a German suplex, then hit the Hangman's DDT, a draping DDT from the top rope, for the pin. 


Tom and Aiden threw to a video from Wednesday showing a pull-apart between Lio Rush and Angel Garza.



This was good. Garza is super green but also super charismatic. Gallagher is good enough to carry a great match by himself, and worked to that end here. 

Gallagher used a headlock takeover. Garza forced a rope break. Frustrated, Garza rolled outside. They repeated this spot twice. Garza offered a handshake. Gallagher refused. Garza punched Gallagher in the face.

Gallagher used a second rope handstand. Gallagher used a crucifix for a two count. Gallagher tried a monkey flip out of the corner, but Garza blocked. Garza hit an enziguri, then took his pants off. 

Garza sat Gallagher on the top rope and hit some strikes. He tied Gallagher to the tree of woe, then hit a running knee for a two count. Garza hit a pop-up kick to the chest for another near fall. Garza hit a slingshot suplex, then hit a kick for a near fall. Garza applied a camel clutch, then transitioned to a chinlock. 

Gallagher hit an up-kick, beginning a mini-comeback. He hit an Irish whip, a hip toss, then a crossbody for a two count. They traded strikes on the top rope. Garza teased a sunset bomb. Galagher tried a flying attack, but came off the top right into a dropkick. 

Garza hit a knee to the ribs for a two count. Garza teased a double underhook suplex. Gallagher blocked, then hit a Gentleman's Headbutt. Garza responded with a superkick, into a double down. 

They traded strikes. Gallagher sold as though he snapped, hitting a flurry. He tried a Gentleman's Dropkick, but Garza blocked. Garza tried a springboard moonsault, but Gallagher kicked him, catching Garza up in the ropes. 

Gallagher hit a missile dropkick with Garza draped in the ropes, then hit a Gentleman's Dropkick. Gallagher covered, but Garza got a foot on the bottom rope. 

Gallagher used a guillotine choke. Garza forced a break by backing Gallagher into the corner. Garza then hit the Wing Clipper for the pin. 

After the match, Gallagher took apart the announce table. He threw water at the ref, then threw two chairs at the ref. Two security guards ran down, but Gallagher snapped on them. He sent one into the barricade, then hit a series of strikes on the other. 

Drake Maverick and three referees ran down. Maverick threatened to suspend Gallagher. Gallagher gave him a Gentleman's Headbutt, then walked up the ramp, closing the show.