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WWE 205 Live results: Ari Sterling vs. Ariya Daivari


Asher Hale defeated Tony Nese 

I wasn’t a fan of this match. Nothing in it was terrible, but nothing in it was approaching substantive. 

The match opened with a simple grappling exchange. A belly-to-back suplex from Nese stopped the back and forth. 

The middle of the match had Nese gaining an advantage; Hale fought back with strikes. This happened multiple times. 

After Nese interrupted a high-risk move, the pair fought into the ropes before tumbling to the outside. The two immediately re-entered the ring and began trading strikes. Hale won out, connecting with a snap German and a kick to the head of Nese, leading to a near fall. 

After a rollup reset, Nese tried for a springboard moonsault and failed. Another kick to the head by Asher on Nese signalled the end, as Hale lifted Nese into a choke. Nese tapped out, leaving Hale with a significant win.

Ari Sterling defeated Ariya Daivari 

This match was good, but Sterling’s spotty selling, or lack thereof, holds it back from being anything more. I don’t understand the motivation behind a limb work match if the use of said limb is not inhibited in the slightest. 

Daivari’s goal became apparent as soon as the match started. He was going to slow the match down and keep Sterling grounded. Daivari took Sterling to the mat, targeting the leg. Daivari connected with a chop block, targeting the leg. Daivari tried for a single leg crab, targeting the leg.

Daivari slammed the leg of Sterling into the ring post before locking in the figure four; Sterling fought free but only after an extended period in the hold. Sterling connected with a jumping kick to the head end Daivari’s control.

Sterling then flipped, kicked, and jumped. He was doing almost everything he could with his leg before sprinkling in some limping. 

Sterling connected with moonsauce but was caught by Daivari before he could get back into the ring. Daivari applied a single leg crab to the leg of choice, but Sterling found the rope. Daivari lifted Sterling to the top rope; a struggle followed. Sterling pushed Daivari to the ground before hitting a spiral tap à la AJ Styles. Sterling pinned Daivari to win the match.