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WWE 205 Live results: Ariya Daivari vs. Jake Atlas

205 Live Results: Ariya Daivari vs Jake Atlas

Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde (with Santos Escobar) defeated Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise)

After Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde were in the ring, Ever-Rise made their entrance to a surprisingly warm welcome. While they seem to be heels still, the Chase Parker and Matt Martel pairing were welcomed with cheers; their hated opponents surely were the reason for this change in reaction (at least in the context of the match before its beginning).

Chants of “Ever-Rise” accompanied the opening moments of the matchup. Martel and Mendoza started the match with an unfamiliar energy. The two briefly traded holds. Martel grew more and more confident as he maintained a semblance of control. An elbow to Mendoza’s midsection allowed for the tag to Parker. 

Parker would go on to lose the advantage gained by his partner after venturing too far into Legado Del Fantasma territory. Wilde sneakily tagged into the match and planted an unexpecting Parker with a DDT. Wilde mocked the now dazed Parker. Wilde attacked Parker with a haughty ease. Only after a complete sequence of domination and a knee to act as punctuation did Wilde tag his partner back. The Legado Del Fantasma subjugation continued under Mendoza’s control. 

Parker was eventually able to float over an attack after a prolonged period of being grounded. A hot tag followed. Martel connected with many a move on both Wilde and Mendoza, shifting the match into the favor of Ever-Rise. This lead seamlessly into Ever-Rise’s set up for the double-team double-knee facebuster on Wilde only for Mendoza to pull Parker to the outside. Wilde was then able to hold Martel still long enough for Mendoza to land an enziguri, which was sufficient for the pin. 

After watching from bell to bell, it is safe to say that this match served as a babyface turn for Ever-Rise. Martel played babyface during the entirety of the contest. He had a babyface comeback, wore babyface facials, and, along with his partner, was cheered as a babyface. 

This match was fine, at best. It should be a building block for the future of Ever-Rise and a footnote in the case of Legado Del Fantasma superiority..  

Ariya Daivari defeated Jake Atlas

As the match began, Jake Atlas initiated an early tie-up. Ariya Daivari soon found himself pressed against the ropes from where he called for a referee break. Daivari pushed Atlas while the referee was trying to separate the two. A second tie-up saw Atlas take Daivari to the mat with a side headlock. Daivari resorted to pulling the hair of Atlas to break the side headlock. The break lasted mere seconds as Atlas secured the headlock again almost as soon as he had lost it. A sequence similar to this then played out again. 

Daivari was finally able to break the side headlock chain with a forearm to the back. Atlas tried to maintain his advantage, but a knee strike from Daivari furthered his lead. A dropkick from Daivari sent Atlas crashing to the outside from where Daivari drove Atlas into the barricade and the announcer’s table. A rope-assisted neck breaker allowed Daivari to cement his heat. Daivari worked Atlas on the mat. Daivari held the wrist of Atlas while kicking him in insolent fashion. 

Daivari’s cocksure offense would be his undoing. Atlas fought back from the kicks in a show of courage. Strikes a plenty found their way to Daivari from a desperate Atlas. A German suplex from Atlas led perfectly to an enziguri. Daivari kicked out from the pin attempt that followed. 

Atlas and Daivari were now on equal footing. Daivari landed a big boot, Atlas a punt in response. Atlas secured the head of Daivari and planted him with a DDT, Daivari kicked out. Atlas landed a springboard guillotine, and Daivari rolled out of the ring. Atlas connected with a suicide dive, Daivari whipped Atlas as soon as the two re-entered the ropes. Again they were on equal footing. 

Daivari tried to remove the turnbuckle pad, but it drew the attention of the referee. Atlas went for a rollup, but Daivari kicked out. Daivari then thumbed the eyes of Atlas. Daivari grabbed his now blinded opponent and connected with the hammerlock lariat. Daivari pinned Atlas for the win.  

This match was just not very interesting. Headlocks in the opening act and eye-gouging in the last is not a recipe for success, baring an extraordinary performance. Nothing ever felt the least bit at stake.