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WWE 205 Live results: Ashante 'Thee' Adonis vs. Brian Kendrick


Jake Atlas defeated Ariya Daivari

Ariya Daivari started the match with a quick set of jabs which triggered a Jake Atlas fury. Atlas unloaded passionate strikes on the ring’s inside before throwing Daivari to the floor below. Atlas threw Daivari into the barricade before reentering the ring.

Daivari reset the match with a punch to the throat. Daivari’s offense that followed did not match the energy shown by Atlas in the earliest moments but instead was prolonged and ground-based. Atlas’s attempt to regain control was stopped by a clever dropkick to a slumped over Atlas. Daivari then continued to slowly pick apart Atlas. Atlas tried for an elbow that Daivari avoided and punished with a DDT. Atlas tried for a crucifix pin that Daivari kicked from and punished with a clothesline. 

Daivari threw Atlas into the corner, which Atlas bounced out of with a forearm. An Atlas back body drop, single-leg dropkick, and German suplex followed. After landing a pump kick on Daivari in the corner, Atlas tried for a big hook. Daivari ducked the punch and landed a neckbreaker, regaining his control. Daivari landed a top-rope splash and nearly scored the fall. Atlas was then hoisted into position for the hammerlock lariat which a quick elbow prevented. Atlas was then able to land a pump kick that sent Daivari to the outside. Atlas wasted no time, setting up for and connecting with a tope. 

Without any warning, enter Tony Nese in full sprint. A Nese running knee then laid Atlas out, leaving him with a disqualification victory. 

This match was very strong throughout. Atlas and Daivari both worked hard to make a simple match formula meaningful. The run-in was genuinely emotional due to the A-1 work that it extinguished all too soon.

Ashante “Thee” Adonis defeated The Brian Kendrick 

Brian Kendrick was caught in the opening moments as Ashante Adonis landed a series of supercuts in the corner. Kendrick tried to lift Adonis for a suplex but instead found himself on the receiving end of an Adonis dropkick and back body drop. Adonis hit a clothesline that caused Kendrick to fall to the floor. 

As Adonis tried to follow up it looked as if he accidentally was caught by a baggy ring skirt. Kendrick, without hesitation, took full advantage. After driving Adonis headfirst into the barricade Kendrick returned to the ring. Kendrick attempted to follow up his newfound lead with a kick but was caught by Adonis. A back and forth offensive struggle followed but it was Adonis who landed a crossbody and a DDT to nearly secure the win. A spinebuster left him even closer. Adonis declared it his time before being dropped with a ton of strong kicks. 

Kendrick secured the captain’s hook. Adonis was able to roll onto Kendrick, nearly pinning him. Kendrick tried again for the hook but was kicked in the jaw for even trying. Adonis waited for Kendrick to rise and dropped him with a superkick. Adonis then hooked the leg and pinned Kendrick clean in the middle. 

For the third time, Adonis and Kendrick shook hands in the ring’s middle following the conclusion. 

This match was the best outing of this particular pairing. Adonis seemed as if he had something to prove, delivering a focused performance as the match’s standout. Likewise, Kendrick played the veteran role perfectly. 

205 Live’s debut in the Capitol Wrestling Center took place inside of an NXT dressed ring - yellow ropes, NXT turnbuckle pads, etcetera. The ring skirt featured the typical 205 Live branding. Whether this is a decision worth looking into or an oversight is currently undeterminable.

The content of the 200th 205 Live episode was the best in the pandemic era. The matches were fun and dramatic. All in all, a great show.