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WWE 205 Live results: Asher Hale vs. Drake Maverick


Ikemen Jiro defeated Grayson Waller

As pointless as 205 Live often seems, Ikemen Jiro never fails to put a smile on my face. The match itself was ok.

Waller ended a playful back and forth in the opening moments by dumping Jiro onto the ringside floor. A quick lariat cemented control for Waller. Waller then connected with a backbreaker, opening up Jiro’s back for his attention. 

Jiro slipped free and connected with light strikes. A moonsault from Jiro resulted in a near fall. Jiro tried for a second, but Waller snuck in a choke. Jiro fought free, but Waller was now back in charge of the match.

Waller hit a cutter for a near fall, then a leg lariat and a spinebuster. After the last near fall, Jiro connected with an Ikemen Slash, basically from left field, leaving Waller out for the count. 

Drake Maverick defeated Asher Hale

This match wasn’t what I was expecting at all; it had an authentic air of emotion behind it. Intensity is something desperately missing from 205 Live, and both men had it tonight. Kudos.

Maverick’s return to 205 Live began with an uneventful chain wrestling sequence. Maverick grew frustrated from the exchange, entering an offensive rally; it was passionate but short-lived. Hale threw Maverick shoulder first into the turnbuckles creating an injury Maverick sold for the duration of the match.

After opening Maverick up to injury, Hale began brutalizing Maverick in a very atypical way, at least by 205 Live standards. Hale slammed, stretched, and contorted Maverick in a myriad of ways, drawing the crowd in and encouraging a Maverick comeback. 

Hale set Maverick up in the corner, but Maverick sidestepped. The offense that followed from Maverick was passion-filled. He punctuated his sequence with sliced bread, pinning Hale in the following moments.