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WWE 205 Live results: August Grey vs. Ariya Daivari


Ari Sterling defeated Sunil Singh 

It’s becoming a pattern at this point -- someone targets Sterling’s leg, Sterling doesn’t care. The consistent leg work in Sterling’s short 205 Live tenure has been a focal point of his opponent’s offense, yet it hasn’t made a lick of difference in Sterling’s offense. Why bother? It’s the same match every week; only it gets worse with every retelling. 

Sterling opened the match by connecting with a strong knee strike that sent Sunil to the outside, allowing Samir to take his place while the referee wasn’t looking. The referee soon noticed, saying “you’re the wrong Bollywood Boy.” Sunil connected with a chop block from the chaos and turned his attention to Sterling’s left leg. 

Sunil continually attacked the left leg of Sterling, slamming it into the turnbuckle post, dragging it across the ropes, and locking in the Bollywood lock; this didn’t last long as Sterling rallied, flipping as if his leg was fine. An enziguri and a facebuster finish left Sterling with another win.

August Grey defeated Ariya Daivari

This was a fine enough match with plenty of back and forth. Commentary heavily hinted at Grey accepting Kushida’s open challenge, so it’ll be interesting to see if 205 Live will play any role in the cruiserweight title’s future.  

A decisive strike from Daivari knocked Grey to the mat, but Grey fought back with a quick neckbreaker. Grey connected with a tope but could not follow up as Daivari caught him as he exited the ring. After Daivari slammed Grey into the ring and into the announce table, the match returned to the ring. 

Daivari and Grey struggled for control once they returned to the ring. Daivari hit a Persian splash to the back following a short opening before locking in the camel clutch, but a double clothesline left them back on even footing. 

Grey connected with a clothesline and a backdrop that sent Daivari to the outside. Grey slammed Daivari into the cage surrounding the Capitol Wrestling Center attendees, returning the favour.

Daivari slipped free from the fireman’s carry but missed the hammerlock lariat; he instead connected with the hammerlock DDT. Grey ducked another hammerlock lariat and landed with a slam that transitioned into a single leg crab. Daivari barely escaped the submission, only to fall victim to the unprettier. Grey pinned Daivari to close the show.