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WWE 205 Live results: August Grey vs. Ashante 'Thee' Adonis


Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese defeated The Bollywood Boyz (Samir Singh & Sunil Singh)

This was an enjoyable match. It was well-paced and focused on a simple formula that worked between the ropes. 

Nese gained early control after a distraction from Daivari in the opening moments. Nese and Daivari traded tags while working on cutting the ring in half. After an extended stint in isolation, Samir finally connected with a DDT, but Nese prevented the tag. 

Finally, Sunil tagged in after a float over. The following hot tag saw Sunil run the table, convincingly taking out both Nese and Daivari. A double team back elbow from the Bollywood Boyz lead to a near fall, as did the Bollywood Blast; Daivari broke up the latter, opening the door for Nese. Nese clubbed Samir, setting him in perfect position for the running knee. Nese then pinned Samir for the win. 

Ashante Adonis defeated August Grey

Not bad, but far from great. Grey still hates count-outs. 

The match started with a show of jest. Adonis pulled Grey’s headband off to finish the first tie-up, and Grey responded by rubbing said headband back in his face moments later. Adonis connected with an elbow to end the games. 

Grey gained momentary ground control, targeting Adonis’s arm. As Adonis fought to his feet, he pushed Grey into the ropes, sending him crashing to the outside. Adonis stomped away at Grey after he returned to the ring. 

After a dropkick, that looked as if it missed by a mile, Adonis went for ground control. Enter Ariya Daivari. Grey fought to his feet and connected with a neckbreaker and a bulldog before momentarily turning his attention to Daivari. Grey hit Adonis with a beautiful twisting crossbody, crashing into Adonis on the outside. Grey had his third opportunity for a count-out victory, but he rolled Adonis into the ring. Daivari distracted Grey after returning to the ring, allowing Adonis to hit a superkick for the pinfall victory.