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WWE 205 Live results: Baxter & Jones vs. Gacy & Briggs


Valentina Feroz defeated Katrina Cortez

I was unfamiliar with both of these women before tonight's show. I wanted nothing more than to love this match, but it was bad -- sloppy beyond belief and horribly unstructured in the closing moments. 

This match opened with Feroz gaining control via headlock. Feroz used it to move Cortez across the ring, delivering a rope-assisted bulldog before transitioning into arm control. 

Once Cortez freed herself from control on the ground, she began connecting with significant offense. Feroz almost stopped it with two quick arm drags. She tried following up by climbing onto Cortez’s shoulders, but I’m not sure what her goal was.

Cortez tried flipping Feroz around, presumably into a more traditional powerbomb position, but dropped Feroz on her head in the process. Cortez then lifted Feroz again, this time by her legs. Cortez was unable to get Feroz off the mat, so Cortez contorted her into a Boston crab. 

Feroz kicked free from the Boston crab, connecting with two armdrags and a DDT before getting the pin.

Trey Baxter and Odyssey Jones defeated Joe Gacy and Josh Briggs

This match was fun. The open and close was action packed and while the extended heat segment at Baxter's expense was long, it was filled with excellent selling. 

Baxter opened with quick offense against Gacy and forced him to tag in Briggs. Briggs dropped Baxter who then tagged in Jones. After a two-way scuffle, Jones emerged with control. 

Briggs and Gacy failed to take out the lone Jones. Gacy and Jones retreated to the outside and Baxter responded with a beautiful dive onto Gacy. Briggs flattened Baxter as soon as he was standing with a big boot. Back in the ring, Briggs dominated Baxter before tagging Gacy back in, who continued brutalizing Baxter. 

Baxter fought and fought for a hot tag which soon turned into the bulk of the match. After a splash/senton combination, Gacy turned to taunt Jones, finally giving Baxter space to score a tag. Jones unloaded on Gacy and Briggs, hitting an STO to close the match.