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WWE 205 Live results: Bobby Steveson debuts


Ivy Nile defeated Fallon Henley

This was fine. 

Henley started the match gaining quick momentum but was caught by Nile before any significant offence started. Nile used her power advantage to dominate the rest of the match. Nile locked in a dragon sleeper, resulting in the submission victory. 

Andre Chase defeated Damon Kemp

Kemp is Bobby Steveson, the brother of Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson. He also has a background in college wrestling, competing at the University of Minnesota prior to WWE.

I quite liked this. Kemp’s offence looked good, and the work was clever for the match’s limited time. Good stuff. 

Kemp’s early lead came to an end after Chase isolated his fingers. Chase worked Kent on the mat for some time. Kemp finally fought to a standing position from where he landed powerful lariats and suplexes. Chase managed to block a suplex, pulling down one of Kemp’s knee pads in the process. Chase landed a flatliner and pinned Kemp after the short distraction.

Solo Sikoa defeated Ru Feng

It feels like both of these guys were made to look strong, but that seems difficult given the match’s short run time. Solo looked good tonight, but again, this match was too short to make any absolute judgments about quality.

Feng and Solo went back and forth in the opening moments. Feng took the match to the ground twice, both times, Solo fought to his feet, landing some moves in the process. After the second short ground segment, Solo landed three quick sentons, a spinning back elbow, and a top rope splash that ended the match.