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WWE 205 Live results: Bolly-Rise vs. Nese & Daivari


Mansoor defeated August Grey 

This was one of my favorite 205 Live matches to date. It flew by despite its long runtime. There were highs and lows, all of which worked well. 

Grey controlled Mansoor’s head and neck moments into the match. Mansoor tried for some pins but continually fell into Grey’s headlock. A rollup attempt from Mansoor finally provided him with a moment to capitalize; a moonsault left Mansoor ahead for the first time.

A clothesline resulted in a near fall for Mansoor. His offense continued, both on the ground with some basic holds and standing with some nice strikes. 

While standing, Mansoor tried for multiple haymakers that Grey ducked. In fact, Mansoor’s strikes were so out of his control that he went flying to the outside. Grey connected with a dive and a crossbody in quick succession.

A fast scramble for control broke out. A German suplex from Mansoor ended the exchange. However, Mansoor was too slow in his follow-up as Grey connected with a boot and a springboard Russian leg sweep. 

Mansoor landed on his feet following a toss. He then failed a moonsault overshooting Grey but landing on his feet. Grey caught Mansoor with a superkick and a devastating slam for a convincing near fall. Grey was quick to follow up with an unprettier, but Mansoor rolled outside the ring before Grey could pin him. 

The referee’s count climbed to 9, with Mansoor lifeless and Mansoor’s winning streak all but over, but the ever honorable Grey rolled to the outside, breaking the count. For some reason, the fans booed. Grey rolled Mansoor into the ring and was immediately caught in an inside cradle, leaving Mansoor with a win and his streak intact. 

Chase Parker and Sunil Singh [Bolly-Rise] (with Matt Martel and Samir Singh) defeated Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese 

Other than this being Bolly-Rise’s first victory, there’s nothing special about this one. It had its fun moments and wasn't bad by any means, but this was mediocre compared to the match that took place prior. 

Nese gained an early lead over Sunil, but a quick arm drag left Sunil in control. Parker and Sunil then traded tags, working the arms of Nese. Bolly-Rise seemingly had Nese’s number until a distraction from Daivari allowed Nese to catch Sunil with a clubbing blow. 

Daivari tagged in and reasserted his team’s dominance. Nese and Daivari traded tags, slowly picking apart Sunil. After some time, Sunil escaped from a choke and succeeded in a hot tag. Parker took out both Daivari and Nese before hitting the latter with a Gory Bomb. Sunil tagged in and hit an elbow drop; Daivari broke up the pin.

After some chicanery, Nese was left alone in the ring with a distracted Sunil. Nese hit a running hotshot and moonsault before tagging in Daivari, who then hit the Persian splash; Parker broke up the pin.

More trickery ensued, allowing Samir Singh to slide a chain to Daivari. The referee got onto Daivari, providing the perfect distraction for Sunil. Sunil rolled Daivari up for the upset victory that finally got Bolly-Rise into the win column.