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WWE 205 Live results: The Brian Kendrick returns


The Brian Kendrick defeated Tehuti Miles

The Brian Kendrick was quick to disrespect Tehuti Miles following the bell. The returning Kendrick kicked the golden fanny pack of Miles to the mat before the two had even made contact. The pair exchanged brief words before entering a tie-up. Both men traded advantage but it was Miles who succeeded in landing a quartet of arm drags.

Miles took his time as he taunted Kendrick, an act which left Kendrick visibly unhappy. Kendrick landed a kick in retort before driving Miles into the corner. Miles was able to fight free and connect with a peppering of strikes, an Irish whip, and a dropkick. Miles tried for the pin but Kendrick kicked out. Miles took time again to taunt Kendrick, who he was seemingly far ahead of. This allowed Kendrick to roll an unfocused Miles up for a quick pinfall victory. 

Kendrick extended his hand to Miles, which Miles reluctantly shook.

This match was here to serve as a critical moment in the story of Miles, at least on the surface. His loss to the wiser Kendrick and the subsequent show of respect should be a catalyst for character development, especially considering his winless 205 Live record. 

The match itself was quick and to the point. Nothing was included that need not be and yet it did not feel as if it was missing anything. This was not meant to be a showcase of athletics but instead strictly a device of narrative, and at that, this match fully succeeded. 

Tony Nese defeated Liam Gray 

Liam Gray was immediately flattened by Tony Nese with a back elbow. Gray tried for separation, but was crushed at every turn by Nese. Nese stood over Gray, taunting him before launching him into the corner with a German Suplex. Nese hit a running knee on Gray before Nese then pinned Gray for the win.

Nese entirely pulverized this man. In fact, Gray was given no offense whatsoever. Nese’s intensity only furthered his gains from this slaughter. 

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeated Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise)

Oney Lorcan and Matt Martel started this match, but it was Danny Burch who tagged in moments after the match started and secured a headlock on Martel. Martel was able to tag in Chase Parker, who was also grabbed by a Burch headlock. 

Martel was able to make a stealthy tag of which Burch was none the wiser. Burch tried chasing Parker, who he thought was legal, but was clubbed by Martel. Martel dropped a few elbows on Burch before Parker was tagged in again. Parker dropped a bigger elbow on Burch and tried for a pin that Burch kicked out from. 

Martel, now legal, hoisted Burch onto his shoulders but Burch was able to wiggle himself free and tag in Lorcan. Lorcan leveled both Parker and Martel with uppercuts. Burch and Lorcan’s attempts at tandem offense were then repeatedly interrupted by Parker at every turn. 

Parker, now legal, landed a diving neckbreaker with assistance from Martel. Lorcan barely kicked out from the pin attempt that followed. Parker and Lorcan struggled for a suplex from the apron but only by the aid of Martel was Parker able to come out ahead. The referee then proceeded to yell at both Martel and Parker for their disregard for the rules, allowing Lorcan to make a sly tag of his own. Martel was quickly thrown to the outside by Burch, leaving Parker alone with his fresh opponent. Burch quickly secured a crossface and forced Parker to tap out. 

It turns out that Ever-Rise is not a babyface pairing, in spite of their babyface-ish showing last week, in fact, they are as underhanded in tactic as ever. What purpose, if any, this match served other than reverting last week’s happenings is hard to say.