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WWE 205 Live results: Curt Stallion vs. Raul Mendoza


August Grey defeated Ariya Daivari

Grey and Daivari started the match with a basic babyface/heel grappling sequence that transitioned into a convincing show of Grey’s offense. After receiving a rana, slam, and bulldog, Daivari escaped to the outside. Daivari baited Grey, splitting his legs around the turnbuckle post before slamming one into the beam. Daivari pulled Grey back into the ring, hung Grey in the tree of woe, and continued targeting the left leg.  

Grey sent Daivari back outside after evading a strike. Grey then used his legs to push Daivari into the barricade/chain link combination surrounding the Capitol Wrestling Center. Daivari made up the lost ground back in the ring as Grey’s leg gave out, allowing Daivari to land a chop block. 

Daivari locked in the figure four leglock. After a struggle, Grey began to show signs of life. Daivari responded by dropping the hold, only for Grey to kick him back to the outside. Grey was able to catch Daivari as he re-entered the ring with a suplex. A Grey neck breaker sent Daivari outside once more. On the outside, Daivari grabbed his chain just as Grey hit a perfectly timed tope. Grey sent Daivari back into the ring, hit a crossbody, and a superkick. 

Daivari pulled free from an unprettier and locked in a second figure four; Grey rolled into the ropes to break the hold. Grey then kicked Daivari away and landed a big slam for a near fall. Grey hoisted Daivari onto the top rope, but Daivari pushed him away and landed the Persian splash. Grey kicked out of a close pin and secured an inside cradle that Daivari just barely escaped from. 

Daivari tried for a hammerlock lariat, but Grey ducked. Grey then transitioned into an unprettier position and landed a rope-assisted variation of the move. Grey folded up Daivari and pinned him.

This was a fun match with an unexpected finish. 

Curt Stallion defeated Raul Mendoza (with Joaquin Wilde)

Raul Mendoza took an early lead, toying with the contender Curt Stallion along the way. Mendoza used the hair of Stallion to whip him into both a headlock and a turnbuckle. Mendoza walked the rope and landed an impressive dropkick.

Mendoza pulled Stallion up from a pin by his hair. Stallion landed a slap to create some separation. Stallion landed a few significant strikes that sent Mendoza to the outside; Stallion hit a dive in follow-up. Back in the ring, Stallion landed a big boot, a running knee, a dropkick, and a DDT. A stomp to the chest left Stallion with a near fall. 

Stallion scaled to the top rope, but Medoza met him atop the post. The two struggled, but Mendoza came out ahead with a colossal rana. Stallion landed on his feet after a suplex but was nearly rolled up by Mendoza. Mendoza landed a kick and set Stallion up for the finish. Stallion again slipped free and rolled up Mendoza for the win. 

Joaquin Wilde hit the ring following the finish and began to beat down Stallion. Santos Escobar walked out following the beating.

This was another fun match, and with it, 205 Live’s role as NXT’s third hour was cemented. If 205 Live is used as nothing more than a story starter, that is a much better fate than cruiserweight purgatory.