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WWE 205 Live results: Daivari & Nese vs. Stallion & Grey


Ashante “Thee” Adonis defeated Mansoor 

Ashantee Adonis extended for a handshake following the opening bell; Mansoor swatted away the hand of Adonis. Adonis tried to verbally convince Mansoor that he was trustworthy, but instead was taken to the mat. Mansoor took control of Adonis’s arm, but Adonis overpowered his opponent. After tossing Mansoor to the mat, Adonis tried again at convincing Mansoor of his character, but Mansoor answered with another takedown attempt. 

The two struggled for some time before a flapjack turned things around for Adonis. He tried to follow up further, but was interrupted on the top rope by Mansoor. Mansoor took his newfound match control to the outside of the ring. After some general outside offense, Mansoor rolled Adonis back into the ring and tried for a pin. 

Mansoor used a front facelock to maintain control as Adonis tried to gain some footing. Adonis teased a pass out finish before landing a short-arm clothesline to end the prolonged facelock. Adonis connected with a few strikes and a dropkick before climbing back to the top rope. A high crossbody left Adonis with a near fall.  

Both men tried for quick pins to end the match. Mansoor tried for sliced bread before, and Adonis slipped free. Mansoor lifted Adonis into position and landed his finishing one-handed electric chair driver to win the match. 

The handshake Adonis wanted in the opening moments he received following the closing bell.

Brian Kendrick’s influence on both these men was the center point of its story. Both Adonis and Mansoor have been taken in under him, or so the story goes. Regardless this match was inoffensive. 

Cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar announced a five-way match for next week’s 205 Live; the winner will go on to challenge him for the belt. The five competitors look to be Sunil Singh, Samir Singh, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, August Grey, Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, The Brian Kendrick, Curt Stallion, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Chase Parker, and Matt Martel.

Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese defeated Curt Stallion and August Grey

Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari took quick control of August Grey as the match started. Curt Stallion stealthily tagged himself in and reset the match. Stallion took control of a tapped up arm attached to Daivari. Both Stallion and Grey then took turns torturing the arm with a variety of moves.

Daivari forced Stallion into his corner, which allowed Nese to get involved. Daivari leveled Stallion with a clothesline and began trading tags with Nese, each time furthering their lead. A failed suplex from Nese allowed a hot tag into Grey. Grey connected with moves on both Daivari and Nese before the numbers game proved to be too much. With Daivari maintaining the attention of Grey, Nese landed a running hotshot. Nese landed a moonsault and tagged Daivari back into the match. 

Daivari and Nese traded tags. Grey struggled and struggled for a tag as he was slowly picked apart by both his opponents. Finally, a desperation suplex from Grey onto Nese allowed for a hot tag into Stallion. Stallion landed a massive kick on the now legal Daivari, which he followed with a DDT. Grey tagged in and landed a move of his own that Nese had to break up. 

Grey soon found himself under attack from both Daivari and Nese. Grey overcame the numbers and sent Daivari to the outside. From nowhere, Stallion connected with a suicide dive on the prone Daivari. At the same time, Nese gained control of the happenings inside the ring and landed a reverse piledriver on Grey. Stallion broke up the pin. Daivari grabbed Stallion and threw him into the ring steps.

Back inside the ring, Grey was looking to get an upset. Nese sent Grey into the ropes where Daivari hit him with a golden chain. Nese rolled Grey up and stole the win. 

At times, this match was by the numbers. But it also was a densely packed expression of athletics. The finish, however, was lame.