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WWE 205 Live results: Ember Moon vs. Cora Jade


By Landon Pipkin for

This week's show was taped at the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, with Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness as commentators.

Xyon Quinn defeated Oney Lorcan 

The fans were behind Quinn from the start. He's got the look and charisma that a lot of recruits have lacked. Lorcan controlled the match early on by utilizing his ground and pound offense. However, after escaping a headlock, Quinn bounced back with an inverted atomic drop and brutal lariat. He then finished Lorcan off with a forearm for the win.

Ikemen Jiro defeated Malik Blade

In a pre-match promo, Jiro explained that he's not like most strong style Japanese wrestlers. Rather, he's a style strong Japanese wrestler.

"Ikemen" chants poured in from the crowd at the beginning of the match. After taking his attention off Jiro, Blade landed a beautiful dropkick followed by a sweet Performance Center armdrag to kick off the action.

Unfortunately for Blade, his offense didn't last long. Jiro worked Blade's left arm and shoulder and hit a running senton for a near fall. Blade worked out of an armbar attempt which resulted in a crossbody from the top rope for a two count. Jiro escaped a fireman's carry followed by the Ikemen Slash for the pinfall.

Ember Moon defeated Cora Jade

This was a good TV match that didn't overstay its welcome. 

This started with back and forth mat wrestling with both women displaying their grappling skills. Moon locked on what looked to be a modified neck crank with an armbar that Jade struggled to escape. 

After exchanging offense, Jade hit a running knee for a near fall. Moon landed multiple kicks to Jade's head which commentary emphasized was Moon's new vicious side.

Moon was about to win by countout, but at the count of eight, she pulled Jade back into the ring. She hit a power bomb, setting up the Eclipse for the win.

Final Thoughts:

I'm not sure if it was just my broadcast feed, but the commentary team's cut in and out throughout the show. 

Unfortunately, since the launch of AEW Rampage, 205 Live has fallen even deeper into obscurity. No matter how easy of a watch the show may be, it will always be an uphill battle for the talent on the show to get any traction.

This show is the definition of filler content that you can easily skip on most weeks. If WWE would make even a few minor changes, like more 205 Live branding around the Capitol Wrestling Center, it would easily help improve the optics. WWE has never seemed to care about the brand and it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon.