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WWE 205 Live results: Ever-Rise vs. Brian Kendrick & Mansoor


Curt Stallion defeated Ariya Daivari

A collar-and-elbow tie-up started the match and set the pace in the opening moments. Curt Stallion gained control of the match with a side headlock; Ariya Daivari pulled the hair of Stallion to stifle his offensive gains. Stallion resisted Daivari with passion and speed, but Daivari’s relative veteran status left him continually in the driver’s seat. 

A moment of separation allowed Stallion to connect with a spree of offense. A spinning forearm yielded Stallion a near fall. Daivari rolled to the outside, and Stallion followed. Tony Nese, who was commentating the match, gained Stallion’s attention, which allowed Daivari to blindside Stallion. Back inside the ring, Daivari took Stallion to the mat. As Stallion showed hopes of regaining momentum, Daivari had an answer.

After smashing the face of Stallion into the announce table, Daivari locked in a camel clutch inside the ring. Daivari dropped the grip momentarily; Stallion landed a low blow to a prone Daivari, which prompted a burst of Stallion offense. Daivari regained control by sending Stallion crashing into the ropes during a dive attempt. 

Daivari rolled outside of the ring to gain his composure. Stallion landed a dive on Daivari. Nese again gained the attention of Stallion, but this time a Stallion headbutt left Nese laying. Daivari tried to capitalize on Nese’s distraction, only for Stallion to duck the hammerlock lariat attempt. Amidst the chaos, Stallion rolled Daivari up and pinned him.

This was a simplistic showing, but not a bad one. Stallion is showing more and more promise each week. 

Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise) defeated The Brian Kendrick and Mansoor

Matt Martel squared off against Mansoor following the opening bell. Martel, with verbal aid from Chase Parker, took control of Mansoor. Parker tagged in and was immediately cut off. Brian Kendrick and Mansoor traded tags as they worked to gain a foothold. Parker earned a sneaky tag, which allowed Martel to blindside Mansoor with a clothesline, putting them back in control. 

Martel whipped Mansoor across the ring, causing him to crumble, but as soon as Parker tagged back in, Ever-Rise’s power slipped. Kendrick, now legal, landed some forearms before trading tags with Mansoor once more. Martel had to pull Parker out of harm’s way to stop the other team’s momentum. Martel tagged back into the match and again gained control for his team. 

While double-teaming Kendrick, a miscommunication sent Martel crashing into Parker. Kendrick, after two tries, secured the hot tag. Mansoor unloaded on both Parker and Martel, but both proved to be too much. Kendrick entered the fray to reset the in-ring action to its natural state. Mansoor hit sliced bread on Parker and secured the pinfall victory. 

This match was fun. The work was clean, and the homage to Kendrick in the finish was neat.

All in all, the show was entertaining, especially considering its limited ambition.