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WWE 205 Live results: Ever-Rise vs. Daivari & Nese


Jake Atlas and August Grey defeated Sunil Singh and Samir Singh (The Bollywood Boyz)

This was a stereotypically forgettable 205 Live match; I’m not even sure why it exists. 

Sunil started the match by taking Grey to the mat via headlock. After Grey escaped, both Samir and Atlas tagged in. Atlas kicked free from a rollup attempt so forcefully that Samir found himself outside the ring, leaving Atlas in control. Grey maintained this momentum following another tag. 

A hot tag allowed Sunil to gain control—a spinning heel kick led to a Singh favored near fall, and a neck breaker followed by an elbow drop led to another.

Atlas stopped a double team maneuver, allowing Atlas to tag Grey into the match. Atlas hit his distracted opponent with a devastating superkick that Grey followed with a crossbody. Grey was successful in the pin that followed.

Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise) defeated Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese 

This was a compelling match. formatively unique. Matt Martel played both a victim in need of rescue and conquering hoss in a convincing fashion. Nese and Daivari delivered as always. 

The opening exchange saw Nese connect with a quick elbow which he used to take full advantage of the match; Nese and Daivari traded tags, picking apart Martel. After a minutes-long, utterly one-sided beatdown, Martel finally created some separation after a moment of distraction provided by Parker. Nese prevented the tag, restarting the destruction of Martel.

Parker broke up a tag following a Nese moonsault. Nese paid his attention to Parker, allowing Martel to tag into the match for the first time. Parker connected with a barrage of offense, punctuated by a Gory bomb. After Nese kicked out, Parker tried tagging out; Martel was understandably still regaining consciousness outside the ring. Martel tagged in once he could, only to fall victim to a Nese/Daivari double team once more. 

Martel managed to sidestep Nese and tag in Parker again. Following an Ever-Rise double team maneuver, Martel tagged in once more, hitting a powerbomb before nearly submitting Nese with a crab; Daivari hit Martel with a superkick to break up the hold. Martel ducked the Daivari hammerlock lariat before hitting Nese with a double stun gun with help from Parker. Nese was pinned, leaving Ever-Rise with a win.