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WWE 205 Live results: Gallagher vs. Daivari in an 'I forfeit' match


The Big Takeaway --

Jack Gallagher defeated the scoundrel Ariya Daivari in an "I forfeit" match, Tony Nese proved victorious in a match against Mustafa Ali, and the Noam Dar/Alicia Fox/Cedric Alexander triangle continued to get weirder.

Show Recap --

They opened with a video highlighting the Ariya Daivari/Jack Gallagher feud.

We then got an angle. It was supposed to be Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak. As Alexander was coming to the ring, Alicia Fox followed. Alexander blew her off, which Fox didn’t like. Noam Dar came out to try and calm her down, but also went to the top rope and distracted Alexander.

It briefly became a two-on-one with Gulak and Dar taking on Alexander, but Alexander took them both out and sent them to the outside, leveling the two with a suicide dive. Alexander continued to lay into Dar, but Gulak shot back, clipping Alexander’s leg. This sent Dar and Fox packing, but Alexander made it back to the ring and wanted to do the match anyway.

Drew Gulak defeated Cedric Alexander

Fine match, but nothing special. As usual, the crowd is just there for this. Gulak, of course, worked on the leg a lot. Alexander did manage some good offense, including a springboard split-legged moonsault. Alexander went for the lumbar check, but couldn’t do it as his leg was bothering him. He was pinned with a back suplex hold.

Dar said, “Hey, look what I’ve done for you” in response to Alexander’s defeat. Fox responded by slapping him.

They showed a pretty good video package highlighting the feud between Neville and Rich Swann, which will lead to a match for the Cruiserweight title at the Royal Rumble.

Dasha Fuentes interviewed Tony Nese before his match. He said that the Premier Athlete doesn’t need to prepare for a match like this, as he’s already stronger and better. That’s why there’s thousands in this arena and only one Premier Athlete.

Tony Nese defeated Mustafa Ali

Ali looked great, hitting some great agile maneuvers in his comeback. Nese caught Ali in the turnbuckle, lifted him up, and nailed him with a gutbuster. Ali came back with a tornado DDT.  Nese caught him with a knee strike, however, and pinned him.

Akira Tozawa is still coming soon. This week, Apollo Crews put him over, including his striking and his ability to become champion.

Jack Gallagher defeated Ariya Daivari in an "I forfeit" match

This was your usual I quit match. Daivari got the heat with a side slam on the apron and worked Gallagher over on the outside, throwing him into the barricade. Gallagher’s hands were tied up but he managed to subdue Daivari with a headbutt and managed to escape. He grabbed an umbrella but Daivari struck back.

They brawled around the stage, then made it back to the announcer’s table. After calmly telling the announce team to move, Gallagher threw Daivari on top of the table. Gallagher managed to corner Daivari with an umbrella and told him to forfeit. Daivari started to say he forfeits, but instead smacked Gallagher in throat with the mic and applied the Cobra Clutch.

Gallagher grabbed his umbrella (William III) nearby and started smacking Daivari with William, causing him to let go. Gallagher came back with an umbrella-assisted crossface chicken wing, which led to Daivari finally forfeiting.

Gallagher celebrated as the show goes off the air.

Final Thoughts --

Without Neville, this show is lacking something fierce. Nothing was bad on this show, and the main event was a decent blow off match, but there’s no real reason to watch it unless you’re invested in the Cedric/Fox/Dar triangle or the (possible) blow-off between Gallagher and Daivari. It was a show, in other words.