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WWE 205 Live results: Ikemen Jiro and Ari Sterling debut


This was, without a doubt, the best episode of 205 Live I’ve watched. Both matches were tons of fun and had high-speed cruiserweight action. The debuts excite me to no end, as both of these men have all the potential in the world. If this is the future of the brand, it might have a reason to exist. 

Ari Sterling defeated Samir Singh (w/ Sunil Singh) 

Ari Sterling, formerly Alex Zayne, made his debut tonight. While Titan will tone down the fantastically insane moveset of Sterling ultimately, tonight he delivered an exciting match filled with athletics. Whether he is in Kingsport TN’s Civic auditorium or the WWE’s Capitol Wrestling Center, it’s hard to understate how exciting this man is.

Samir started the match with a headlock takedown, but Sterling proved capable moments later after escaping the hold. Sterling hit a few moves in quick succession before delivering a flipping springboard dive to the outside dubbed the “Moonsauce.” 

Samir sidestepped a dropkick before launching Sterling with a reasonably typical catapult; Sterling flew outside the ring. Once back inside the ring, Samir locked in a Boston crab. After Sterling freed himself from the crab, he connected with an up kick to reset the match.

Sterling rallied with some basic strikes followed by a front flip into a kick. Sterling then hit an awkward slam with a flip, a different move from his former finisher, for the win.

August Grey and Ikemen Jiro defeated Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese

In another debut, Ikemen Jiro, formerly Jiro Kuroshio of Wrestle-1, showcased his atypical persona in a superb match. The pacing was excellent, and the action was exciting, but Jiro’s presence shined through. 

The match began only after Jiro refused to remove his signature jacket; he would wrestle the match with the sports coat. Jiro got the best of Nese in the opening exchange and tagged in Grey, who immediately lost all the control Jiro gained in the opening moments. 

Daivari and Nese dominated Grey, leaving him desperate for a tag. After the tag came, Jiro took out both Nese and Daivari before showing off his jacket to the CWC; A solid strike to the back of the head stopped his fashion show. 

Daivari and Nese were back in control, this time with Jiro tag desperate. Jiro transformed a sleeper into a belly-to-back suplex, creating enough time for a hot tag. Grey connected with everything but the kitchen sink, taking out both of his opponents. After a failed pin following a crossbody, Grey tried to tag in Jiro, but he was nowhere to be found. 

Nese grabbed Grey’s leg, allowing Daivari to club Nese into the ground. Jiro hit the ring in time to save Grey from sure doom, causing a four-way brawl. Daivari and Nese, in the end, won out, lifting Grey into a double team move that Jiro was forced to break up. 

Jiro tagged into the match, connecting with everything in his arsenal. To punctuate his rally, Jiro hit Nese and Daivari with a moonsault. Jiro followed up with a beautiful senton and a pin that Daivari broke up. Grey hit Daivari with a dive to stop his interference, which Jiro followed with a dive of his own. Jiro then hit a “leg slash” to pick up a win.