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WWE 205 Live results: Imperium vs. Ikemen Jiro & Trey Baxter


Dante Chen defeated Malik Blade

Despite this match’s short runtime, Chen was still able to come across as sloppy in-ring. 

An opening grappling sequence led to arm drags by Chen. A dropkick from Blade stopped Chen’s momentum. The match then transitioned to the mat, where Blade maintained control. 

Chen regained footing in the match after an awkward takedown followed by a superkick. An even more awkward slam left Blade prone for an inside cradle guillotine drop, leaving Chen with the win.

Amari Miller defeated Valentina Feroz

For some reason, this match was performed with a heavy focus on groundwork. It was forgettable, to say the least. This was a rematch, and Miller’s win leaves the pair tied; I assume a rubber match is coming soon. 

Feroz took the match to the mat as soon as it began. As soon as the pair was standing, Miller returned the favour with an arm drag, bringing the action back to the canvas. Miller was generally unable to maintain control of Feroz while on the mat, but she could fight off an armbar. 

Feroz tossed Miller a few times before the pair traded pin attempts. After kicking out, Feroz stepped away, allowing Miller to catch her with a knee strike, pinning her for the win.

Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner (Imperium) defeated Ikemen Jiro & Trey Baxter

It’s hard to give a delimited synopsis of this match because everything in it was good. 

Barthel and Baxter opened the match with a zestful back and forth. After catching Baxter with a pair of thunderous strikes, Aichner tagged into the match. Against Aichner, Baxter was able to slow Imperium’s control before tagging Jiro into the match. Jiro and Baxter together were able to secure match control for their team. 

Jiro and Baxter set up for a double tope, but Imperium cut them off via sudden clotheslines. Imperium then hung Baxter in the ropes to deliver a double dropkick. From this point on, Baxter was under heavy fire from both members of Imperium. Baxter scratched and clawed to regain some momentum by tagging in his partner, and was eventually able to do so. 

Jiro unloaded with strikes and dives. A moonsault led to a near fall. Baxter then tagged back into the match before trying again for the double tope; this time, it worked. 

As the teams re-entered the ring, the referee became occupied with some kind of distraction. This allowed Imperium to single out Baxter, delivering the Imperium bomb that resulted in an Imperium win. 

Final Thoughts:

I see no reason why anyone who isn’t covering this show would choose to watch it live; at least, that was my takeaway before the main event. The first two matches were utterly forgettable. The main event was great. That is what this show needs more of if it has any future whatsoever.