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WWE 205 Live results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Ariya Daivari


Mansoor defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis 

Ashante Adonis started the match by taunting Mansoor. Instead of responding to the taunts with jest of his own, Mansoor responded with action. He maintained momentum in the early going and gained a near fall following an inverted DDT. 

Adonis was able to secure some offensive footing of his own following Mansoor spilling to the outside. Plenty of big moves followed from Adonis, two of which resulted in near falls. Adonis once again took to slowing the pace, a move that Mansoor took full advantage of. A splash from the top rope and a bulldog from the second left Adonis in position for Mansoor’s one-handed electric chair driver, but Adonis escaped before he met his doom. Adonis’s escape from his fate also allowed him to secure a crossface, which Mansoor escaped from. Mansoor then hoisted Adonis up for the one-handed electric chair driver which yielded him the pinfall victory. 

The contents of this match were slow and uninteresting. The rebranding of Adonis at this point is borderline comical; he’s the same guy, a cocksure loser, but with a new name. He is not a lost cause by any means but he’s definitely on a bad path. 

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Ariya Daivari 

Ariya Daivari and Isaiah Scott found themselves on equal footing in the early going. Daivari’s groundwork was thwarted by Scott. Daivari was able to connect with a brief set of strikes before Scott returned the favor, pulling and prodding at the joints of Daivari at every opening. 

The two soon fought to the outside. It was during Scott’s return to the ring, however, that Daivari landed a DDT. Daivari took Scott to the mat once again. Scott tried and succeeded in fighting back to his feet. A strike exchange ensued in which Scott was the victor. Scott used the provided space to deliver a diving elbow. Scott followed up with a flat liner which nearly resulted in a pin. 

Scott was growing desperate as Daivari continued to show signs of life. Daivari fought free by driving Scott into the turnbuckles but Scott maintained his pursuit. Scott landed a huge suplex and nearly pinned Daivari again. Scott grew even more disgruntled. Scott slowly clubbed Daivari before trying for a big boot which Daivari sidestepped and turned into a uranage. A top rope splash from Daivari and a pin attempt followed. Daivari, with victory in sight, tried for a hammerlock lariat, which yielded him three pins on last week’s 205 Live. However,Scott slipped free. 

Daivari and Scott then struggled in what would be the last moments of the match for any advantage whatsoever, but it was Scott who caught Daivari with the house call following a failed sunset flip. Scott then pinned Daivari for the victory. 

This match was mediocre. Nothing from either guy stood out. It is hard to find anything meaningful to say in regards to something so forgettable.