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WWE 205 Live results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Jack Gallagher


Oney Lorcan with Danny Burch defeated Tehuti Miles

205 Live kicked off with a sort of run back from last week. A reminder that Tehuti Miles scored a surprise win over Danny Burch on the last 205 Live broadcast. This week Miles would be tried with Burch’s tag team partner Oney Lorcan.

Lorcan and Miles engaged in the opening seconds. Lorcan looked to be all business while Miles seemed to be overweening following his victory. Miles shrugged off each tie-up before being taken down. Miles did not take long before kipping up from even a disadvantaged position with an air of earned, even if over present, confidence. 

Lorcan chopped and uppercut Miles in response to his complacency. Miles rolled to the outside wherein he encountered Burch. The two began a verbal spat that left Miles distracted. Lorcan chopped Miles once more. Lorcan tried for an Irish whip but found himself on the receiving end of a reversal into a flapjack. Miles intensified his game, he clubbed the back of Lorcan and stomped him in the corner. Miles then placed Lorcan over the middle rope where he choked him with a knee. Miles taunted Lorcan, running his hands through his hair and kissing his biceps before dropping an elbow on a worn Lorcan. 

Miles taunted for an extended period, which allowed Lorcan to try for a comeback in his offensive footing with a chop. Miles kicked Lorcan after selling the chop before propping him up and dropping him with a neck breaker. Miles continued his taunting of Lorcan. Lorcan was sent to the mat with a shoulder block and had his arm attacked with a hold that was transitioned into a Fujiwara armbar. Lorcan fought to his feet, but was met with an immediate club to the back. Miles could not help but jeer his downed opponent. 

Lorcan responded to the sneer remarks interspersed with chops by entering a rage. Lorcan chopped, uppercut, and elbowed Miles with an incredible intensity. Lorcan then tried to lift Miles who resisted the lift with a rollup. Miles had the tights. Burch called out to the referee from the outside who broke up the pin that would have otherwise left Miles with a second surprise victory. Miles yelled at Burch before Lorcan rolled up Miles. Miles was unable to kick out from the unexpected pin leaving Lorcan the victor.

This match built from what was left last week. It was competently wrestled and leaves the viewer interested in what is to come. So many paths are open in this blooming storyline that anything short of a compelling journey would be a disappointment. This surely is to be continued in the coming weeks.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Jack Gallagher 

Following the bell, Jack Gallagher tried to avoid a tie-up instead of going for a distanced strike. Isaiah Scott closed the with a clinch distance but was immediately thrown to the ground. Gallagher did not fully engage with Scott on the mat he instead stood over him. Scott tripped the legs of Gallagher and transitioned into a top position. Gallagher secured the guard momentarily before standing with the foot of Scott in hand. Gallagher continued a wear down ground attack with interspersed standing.

While reaching for the legs of Scott, Gallagher was pulled into an armbar. Gallagher struggled free and in the process gained a phenomenal position on the back of Scott. Gallagher clubbed the head of Scott in devastating fashion. Gallagher tried for the arm of Scott but in doing so gave Scott the opportunity to escape his doom. Gallagher drug Scott to a standing position and tried for a whip but was caught with a rana in response. 

Scott snapped into action. Scott shot Gallagher across the ring with a dropkick. Scott then jumped from the second rope with an uppercut to the back of a now seated Gallagher. Gallagher kicked from the pin attempt that followed. Scott positioned himself for a top rope dive but Gallagher rolled to the apron. Scott tried for a boot but was caught. Gallagher took the leg of Scott that he now had in hand and snapped it into the turnbuckle post. Gallagher attacked his now enervated opponent with light kicks. 

Gallagher taunted Scott. Scott stood up to his taunter but was dropped. This did not stop Scott from standing up once more. This time Scott withstood enough strikes to get in one of his own. Scott landed two large kicks to the chest before being blocked on his third. Gallagher in his riposte uppercut Scott multiple times. When given a moment Scott faked another kick to the chest and tripped Gallagher as he went for the block. Scott connected with the house call kick. Gallagher rolled to the outside but was booted to the floor from an incandescent Scott. Scott drove the head of Gallagher into the mat who then kicked out from the pin attempt that followed. 

Scott kicked repeatedly at the chest of Gallagher, but Gallagher took the kicks with Hulk style ease, rising after each blow.  Scott ran at Gallagher. Gallagher leaped and synched in a guillotine choke on an unsuspecting Scott. Scott soon fell to the mat. Scott slowly fought back to a standing position before showing a burst of energy. Scott lifted Gallagher over his head and laid him out with a brainbuster. 

Both men rose to their feet at the same time. Scott showed early signs of life, but was met with an elbow that rendered him on his back. Gallagher climbed to the top rope with his back turned. Scott met Gallagher atop the ropes. Scott tried for a superplex but while in the air, Gallagher transitioned over, landing on Scott in position for a pin. Scott kicked out. 

Scott and Gallagher rose to their feet simultaneously once again. Gallagher then smashed his skull against the chin of Scott in brutish fashion. Scott collapsed but kicked out from the pin attempt. Gallagher boiled over in shock as well as frustration. Gallagher clubbed Scott. Gallagher tried for an armbar but was rolled through. Scott won the match with a rollup pin.

Tony Nese then ran from the back and attacked the winner. Gallagher looked over the limp body of Scott following said attack. 

This match was fantastic bell to bell. Gallagher could believably finish a match at any moment. Scott gelled with Gallagher’s style in particularly great fashion. 

The NXT Interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament finals then played in full. 

While both exclusive matches of the night ending in roll ups might be a little off putting, they each benefited from their finish. The show was fast paced and a very easy watch. This was the best 205 Live in months, definitely the show’s best exhibit during the COVID pandemic.