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WWE 205 Live results: Jacket Time vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans


Roderick Strong defeated Ru Feng

Seeing the cruiserweight champion on the cruiserweight show is a lovely, if rare, sight. The match was nothing much. 

Strong tried to open the match by gaining control of the arm, but Feng’s size allowed him to run through the champion. Even against the larger Feng, Strong utilised his wrestling aptitude (and some underhanded tactics) to stay on equal footing. This basic trope made up the meat of the match. 

The ending sequence was over almost as soon as it started. A strike rally from Feng resulted in a near fall. From the ground, Strong landed a few kicks, creating separation. The extra space allowed Strong to land the jumping knee, leading to the pin. 

Valentina Feroz defeated Erica Yan

This was an enjoyable watch. While not perfect, the match benefited greatly from compelling mat work. 

Feroz took the debuting Yan to the mat with arm control immediately following the opening bell. Yan survived, gaining a sustained headlock. Feroz turned the headlock into a throw, taking the match to the mat once more. 

Yan avoided an elbow drop; she capitalised by connecting with a series of shoulder tackles. Feroz was able to survive the offence by regaining arm control and securing another takedown. Feroz locked in a leg scissor choke, leading to the submission.

James Drake and Zack Gibson (Grizzled Young Veterans) defeated Ikemen Jiro and Kushida 

In another 205 Live oddity, this match featured a storyline. It was a fun outing and a nice change from the typically uneventful main events. 

After an animated opening sequence, Jiro and Kushida left their opponents frustrated. Only after a sneaky tag did GYV gain control over their opponents. Gibson and Drake resolved their early frustrations by isolating Jiro, slowly picking him apart. 

After a prolonged control segment, Jiro reversed a suplex, allowing him to finally secure the tag, a sequence that left Jiro without a jacket. A four-way brawl broke out in the following moments, a scuffle that left the babyfaces with an advantage. Just as the end was in sight, the music of Diamond Mine and the presence of Creed brothers provided a distraction for GYV. GYV hit ticket to mayhem, leading to the win.