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WWE 205 Live results: Jake Atlas vs. August Grey


Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese defeated Sunil Singh (with Samir Singh) & Matt Martel (with Chase Parker)

The bizarre pairing of Martel and Sunil is part of a new alliance dubbed “Bolly-Rise.” 

Nese and Sunil took turns in the opening moments trading light advantage and occasional taunts; Daivari and Martel subbed in for more of the same. Sunil and Martel tried for a double team strike, but Martel blindsided Sunil, leaving the door open for Nese and Daivari. 

Daivari and Nese traded tags, picking apart Sunil. Sunil struggled for and finally achieved a tag of his own to reverse the flow of momentum. Martel took out both Nese and Daivari with suplexes. Martel tagged Sunil back in, allowing the pair to deliver a successful double team maneuver.

A four-way brawl broke out, leaving the match in a state of chaos. Nese subdued Sunil outside while Daivari tried to deliver a chain-wrapped fist to Martel on the inside. The referee caught Daivari before he could connect with the loaded strike. As the official disposed of the chain, Nese hit a running knee on Martel, allowing the legal man Daivari to score the pin. 

This wasn’t great, but it certainly beats Sunil and Martel wrestling each other. As for the future of Bolly-Rise, only time can tell. 

August Grey defeated Jake Atlas

Atlas and Grey traded ground control following the initial bell. After a stalemate, the two went at it. Atlas won the strike exchange that followed, allowing him to connect with some significant offense for the first time. A neckbreaker left Atlas with a near fall. 

Grey took match control for himself by connecting with a rana after a moment of separation. A dropkick opened Atlas up to a few thunderous chops from Grey. 

Atlas caught Grey with a boot, which he followed with an elbow drop. A standing moonsault, German suplex, and lariat left Atlas with a near fall. 

Grey snuck in a forearm that left Atlas in a daze, falling to the outside. That allowed Grey to connect with a tope. Back inside, Grey hit a spinning crossbody for a questionable three count. 

Following the match, Daivari and Nese hit the ring, destroying both Grey and Atlas. 

This match was not fantastic either. Nothing felt like it was building to a finish, and when the finish arrived, it was completely flat.