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WWE 205 Live results: Jiro & Grey vs The Bollywood Boyz


Ari Sterling defeated Asher Hale

This was a fine match. Sterling applied his selling inconsistently, which his standard moveset demands. Hale's performance was quite good.

The match started with Sterling trying to match Hale’s grappling prowess, and unsurprisingly Hale gained the advantage. A kick to the back of the knee of Sterling worked to ground him for about two seconds. Sterling hit a rana, ignoring the leg he was limping on, before sending Hale to the outside. Sterling tried for moonsauce, but Hale avoided the attack. Hale slammed Sterling into the barricade to reassert his control. 

Back inside the ring, Hale hit Sterling’s knee with a dropkick. Hale, now laser-focused, lifted Sterling onto the ropes before hitting a figure four dragon screw, furthering the damage done to the limb. A bridging Indian deathlock forced Sterling into the ropes.

Sterling tried for a quick rollup, followed by another, then another. A pump knee strike from Sterling opened Hale up for a flipping facebuster, then covered Hale for the win.

Ikemen Jiro & August Grey defeated Sunil Singh and Samir Singh (The Bollywood Boyz)

This wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t bad.

Grey and Samir engaged in some basic grappling to open the match. Sunil and Jiro tagged in soon after, allowing Jiro to connect with some compelling offence. After a Jiro springboard moonsault, Grey tagged back into the match but lost control almost immediately. 

Samir and Sunil took turns picking apart Grey, causing a call for rally from Jiro. Grey finally tagged out of the match after being dominated for minutes. Jiro unloaded with palm strikes, taking out both Singhs. A second moonsault left Jiro with a near fall.

Jiro missed a senton, causing both of his opponents to hit the ring. After Grey ran off Samir, Jiro connected with an incredible rana from the top rope. A knee strike to Sunil awarded Jiro a pinfall victory.