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WWE 205 Live results: Joe Gacy vs. Grayson Waller


This show was fine and I loved the opening match, but compared to what this was airing against on TNT, this felt like the minor leagues. 

Ikeman Jiro defeated Andre Chase

I loved this match as both men filled its short runtime with exciting offense used in ways I have never seen.

Following Jiro’s typical back and forth opening, Chase gained the advantage with a kick to the midsection. Jiro seemingly stopped Chase with a kick of his own, but Chase blocked the follow-up dive by pulling Jiro into the apron in an entertaining spot. This led to Chase controlling the offense. 

Jiro eventually stopped Chase’s control with a front flip. Jiro worked Chase into the corner and connected with a beautiful moonsault for a near fall. 

Jiro’s offense was short-lived. Chase used Jiro's hair to slam him into the mat and lock in the STF. Jiro fought to a standing position, sending Chase to the outside. Jiro tried for a dive but paused as Chase wanted to pull him in the apron once more. Jiro kicked him away and hit a moonsault, followed by a senton back inside the ring. Chase kicked out of a convincing near fall.

Jiro tried for an Ikeman slash, but Chase avoided it. After a few rollup attempts from Jiro, Chase landed a tiger driver for a convincing near fall of his own. 

Chase pulled Jiro to the corner where he unsuccesfully tried to tie Jiro’s hair on the top turnbuckle. As Chase became aware of what was happening, Jiro hit the Ikeman slash and got the pin.

Joe Gacy defeated Grayson Waller

This was decent with fun moments of intensity, but it wasn’t overly memorable. 

As the match got underway, Gacy took Waller to the mat. As the two men returned to their feet, Gacy connected with multiple power moves, punctuated by a judo throw that left Gacy with ground control once more. Waller freed himself from a headlock, triggering an extended striking battle. 

Waller emerged from the strike trading with the advantage, taking Gacy to the mat soon after. Waller hoisted the heavier Gacy onto his shoulders which allowed Gacy to fight free. However, Waller didn’t let Gacy follow up as he connected with a leg sweep and elbow drop immediately afterward.

As Waller looked to close the match, Gacy sidestepped him to connect with a beautifully brutal handspring lariat. Gacy then pinned Waller for the win.