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WWE 205 Live results: Kalisto's Birthday Bash


Kalisto was shown backstage hyping up his birthday, with him saying that he'll beat Drew Gulak tonight. Gulak and Enzo Amore were backstage next to Kalisto's cake, and Amore told Gulak to beat Kalisto and roll in dough.

Amore apparently bought the cake for Kalisto and snuck a taste before slapping Gulak's hand for doing the same. Amore's faction is now called the Zo Train, and Mustafa Ali will face Zo Train member Ariya Daivari later in the night.

Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick walked down to face Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann. Gallagher cut an intense promo on them for being ignorant. Swann hyped up Alexander as being from Charlotte and got a nice reaction.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher in a tornado tag match

This was a tornado tag match, so it ended up being pretty chaotic. Nigel McGuinness had a great line about the Alexander School of Chiropracty handing out free Lumbar Checks tonight. Alexander and Kendrick brawled near the announce table, then Gallagher dropkicked Alexander over the table.

Swann kicked out at two in the ring and Gallagher landed a sick kick to the head. They destroyed Swann in the corner after sending Alexander back out to the announce table. The heels used dual submissions on the faces -- with Kendrick locking on the Captain's Hook on Alexander while Gallagher had a Fujiwara armbar on Swann.

Swann prevented a tap from Alexander, so the heels locked on a Fujiwara armbar/Captain's Hook combo on him before Alexander made a save. Kendrick had Alexander pinned in the corner and a Gallagher dropkick set up a Sliced Bread for two.

Swann kicked away at Gallagher before hitting a double famouser on the heels for two. Swann and Kendrick fought up top, where the heels sent him off with a double hip toss for a near fall. Alexander got the tag and hit a big spinning elbow but ate a dropkick to the leg.

Gallagher went for the corner dropkick, but Swann connected with a spin kick and then a suicide DDT. The neutralizer kick and Lumbar Check hit on Kendrick and the faces won it.

Mustafa Ali defeated Ariya Daivari

Daivari came down and put over Amore, saying there's no value in Kalisto being champion -- but Amore being champ ensures more cash and fame. Ali cut an unfunny promo about Daivari having his head too far up Amore's butt and talked about wanting to make 205 Live better -- which made the crowd turn on him.

Ali flipped around a bit to start things off and a blind crossbody got two for him. He went for a springboard, but Daivari shoved him off and to the floor. Daivari kicked away mid-ring to continue to ground Ali. Ali landed a series of forearms but ate a bulldog for two.

Daivari flew off the second rope for a flying elbow but missed. Ali then hit a pair of axe handles and flips, but Daivari put him down with a falling inverted DDT before hitting a frog splash for two. Daivari went for a fireman's carry slam but ended up eating elbows. Ali went up for the inverted 450 and hit it to win.

Kalisto stretched before his match and birthday party, with Akira Tozawa wishing him luck. 

Amore entered for the birthday party. The crowd chanted "Enzo Amore" and he told them thanks, he already knows his name. Amore said he's spent a great deal of money on this party to truly celebrate Kalisto. Amore mentioned that they got him a great gift -- a beating from Gulak, who asked "How are you doing?" before Amore told him to never do that again.

Amore said the cake is quality -- it'll be good until Thanksgiving if you freeze it at the right temperature and Kalisto can eat it as he lives in misery after he loses at Survivor Series.

Kalisto defeated Drew Gulak

Gulak controlled the wrist to start. Kalisto turned the tables on him quickly, but Gulak chopped away on the ropes. Gulak teased tossing Kalisto into the cake, but Kalisto fought it off. Gulak beat him up for a while, so the crowd sang "Happy Birthday."

Gulak locked on a Romero Special and went for a dive off the bottom rope. Kalisto turned that into a basement rana for two. Amore gave Kalisto a cheap shot and Gulak sang "Happy Birthday" angrily before the Salida Del Sol hit and Kalisto got a quick win.

Amore destroyed Kalisto after the match until he fought back and got a "we want cake" chant. He went to throw Amore into the cake, but Gulak made the save.

McGuinness and Vic Joseph talked about Sunday's pay-per-view and the two-hour pre-show. Backstage, Amore was upset and Kalisto rammed his face into the cake. They delivered the heel being smashed into the cake -- but didn't do it in front of the fans. Well, that was a bit underwhelming.