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WWE 205 Live results: Kendrick teaches Tozawa one final lesson


The Big Takeaway --

Akira Tozawa scored a win over Brian Kendrick, but the final lesson was taught by The Man With a Plan. Mustafa Ali showcased his high-flying skills by beating Tony Nese, which didn't sit too well with Drew Gulak.

Jack Gallagher informed Austin Aries he has his back on the road to Extreme Rules, and together they were able to ward off TJP and Neville in a sneak attack.

Show Recap --

The opening package dealt with what went on last night on Raw. TJP said he met his end of the bargain by taking out Austin Aries at Payback, so now he wants a title shot. Neville said no, because he lost recently, but if he can beat Jack Gallagher on Raw maybe he will be in line for one. TJP not only beat Gallagher, but laid him out with the kneebar until Aries came in for the save.

Gallagher started the show, coming out to surprisingly little reaction. He said Theodore James Perkins assaulted him on Raw and even laid in his kneebar submission. The results may have been disastrous if it wasn’t for this man, Austin Aries.

Aries arrived, complete with a banana peel. Gallagher thanked Aries, with Aries replying it was no problem as TJP had it coming. Gallagher said honor dictates he and William (the umbrella) will make sure Aries makes it to Extreme Rules.

Gallagher said he’s here to toast him. They broke out the beer (Aries said he prefers red wine, which the crowd booed) as Gallagher started to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” but all of a sudden Neville arrived to ruin the festivities.

Neville said he always had Gallagher pegged as a caricature of the English, but England has now become a parody of itself and it's disgusting. He asked if the people have lost their dignity. Aries said Neville shouldn’t be talking about dignity as he got himself disqualified at Payback.

Neville said nobody asked for his opinion. If you’re so desperate to have a little’s to you, Aries, for having your last appearance on 205 Live. At that moment, TJP came in from behind and clipped Aries' leg.

Gallagher jumped in to gain an upper hand, but Neville grabbed him and threw him into the barricade. Aries saved Gallagher and took out both TJP and Neville, throwing the latter over the announce table. Neville came in to save TJP from Gallagher, but Aries drove him out with the fivearm discus punch.

Gallagher brought in their drinks from earlier as the two finally had their toast.

Rich Swann was walking through the back when he ran into the reunited Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. Fox said she threw Swann and Cedric Alexander aside, but she’d never break up with Dar as his plan with the gifts backfired (I don't remember it happening like this, but okay).

Swann said fine, they deserve each other anyway. He tried to make an exit, but Dar stopped him and said he won’t forget what he did to them, trying to break them up.

Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Nese

This had a bit more heat than the usual match you’ll see on 205 Live so it was pretty good. I’m not sold on the Drew Gulak/Ali gimmick just yet, but they are setting up the foundation of the feud pretty well as Ali looked acrobatic here and showcased himself well.

After working on him for a bit, Ali cut Nese off with a knee to the corner and took him out with a hurricanrana to the floor. He soon followed with the tornado DDT, then pinned him with the imploding 450 splash for the win.

Gulak, watching from the back, didn’t look too happy about this result.

Ariya Daivari was complaining to some guy backstage about him not shining his boots the right way. He bumped into Akira Tozawa, which sent him off again about getting sweat and grease all over his fancy shirt. Tozawa yelled at him as Daivari made his exit, not too pleased.

A video showcasing Cedric Alexander aired, as he’ll be returning to 205 Live soon.

Akira Tozawa defeated Brian Kendrick

Kendrick got the heat early by taking out Tozawa with a Sliced Bread #2 using the stairs on the floor. Tozawa shot back with a hurricanrana and unleashed a big suicide dive to the floor. Kendrick came back with a dragon suplex, then went for the Captain's Hook. Tozawa escaped and laid out Kendrick with a backdrop driver.

Tozawa missed a senton off the top rope, allowing Kendrick to lock in the Captain's Hook once again. Kendrick went for the Sliced Bread, but Tozawa fell under instead of taking the impact and rolled up Kendrick for the win. I think the previous match was better, but this was also a pretty solid back and forth match.

Kendrick jumped Tozawa after it ended and rammed his back into the steel steps. He then put Tozawa's head between the steps and stomped on the top part of the stairs, seemingly injuring Tozawa.

Kendrick grabbed a mic and said he’s through, this is the last lesson he's going to give Tozawa -- no one messes with Brian Kendrick.

Final Thoughts --

I think this was a better show than usual just because the crowd was a bit more awake for things. The action, which is usually solid on any given week, felt better as a result.

But if that was the blow off to the Tozawa/Kendrick feud, then it’s pretty lame as it does nobody any favors. Tozawa feels like he lost by winning, which never works out well. Then again, they could just wrestle again next week and none of this will end up mattering in the end.

And that's the folly of making wins and losses not matter -- you can do things as long as you want, but no one will care as a result.