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WWE 205 Live results: Kushida vs. Damon Kemp

Brooks Jensen and the team of Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter were also in action this week on 205 Live.

Brooks Jensen defeated Bodhi Hayward

Jenson has decided to wrestle in blue jeans, along with a giant belt buckle and cowboy boots, just in case there was any illusion of subtlety in his character. This was a cute little match with a cute little finish.

After a chain wrestling sequence, Bodhi landed an arm drag, opening Jensen up to a handful of standing splashes. Jensen reversed momentum with an arm drag of his own before landing some strikes. Jensen locked in a choke that acted as a catalyst to Bodhi’s comeback. Bodhi landed a bunch of strikes and tackles. Bodhi was setting up for a final blow, but Jensen caught him with a knee to end the match.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter defeated Fallon Henley and Lash Legend

This was a pretty by-the-book tag match.

The match began with Legend throwing Catanzaro across the ring. Carter tried helping Catanzaro in overwhelming Legend, but was unsuccessful as Legend soon was in complete control.

Henley was able to maintain her team's lead for a while, but eventually, Catanzaro got the hot tag. Legend tagged in, but was unable to stop Catanzaro’s momentum. Carter held Legend in place as Catanzaro landed a nice splash, leading to the pinfall victory.

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were dancing outside of the ring after the finish.

Kushida defeated Damon Kemp

I liked this quite a bit for what it was. Simple and to the point as both men pulled off a nice, focused match.

Kemp opened the match by shooting on Kushida, resulting in an early toss. Kemp didn’t follow up, allowing Kushida to start the ground game following a quick transition. Kushida paid close attention to Kemp’s arm, but eventually Kemp used his strength to regain control.

A German suplex from Kemp was followed with hesitation due to his damaged arm. Kushida was able to take the lead back quickly and maintained it by working on Kemp’s arm again. Kushida fought out of a fireman’s carry and transitioned into an armbar resulting in the submission.