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WWE 205 Live results: Lash Legend debuts


Image: WWE

Lash Legend defeated Amari Miller

Lash Legend was dominant in her debut. Legend (real name Anriel Howard) is a former basketball player who played for Mississippi State and Texas A&M in college and was drafted by the WNBA's Seattle Storm. She's hosted her "Lashing Out With Legend" talk show on NXT but had her first match here.

I think this was the tenth 75/25 squash this month on 205 Live.

Legend opened the match with dominance, hitting Miller with uncontested moves before trying for mocking pinfalls. Even in dire straits, Miller taunted Legend. Miller finally sidestepped Legend late in the match and connected with an offensive… thing. Legend didn’t let this last, however, as she grabbed Miller, slamming her into the ropes before dropping her.

Andre Chase defeated Guru Raaj 

I don’t think I’ll ever rewatch this one. Not that it was insufferable, I just doubt I’ll remember it happened this time next week. 

Andre Chase now has a “student of the week,” and he has a flag.

Guru Raaj and Chase proved to be on equal footing early in the match. Just as Raaj was gaining some leverage, Chase grabbed the hair of Raaj to drop him. Chase followed up by leading a “CHASE U” chant. 

Raaj ducked a lariat to open Chase up for significant striking, and a bulldog left Raaj with a near fall. 

Chase ducked a kick to work his way back into control. He then connected with a giant boot and hammerlock DDT to close the match. 

Solo Sikoa defeated Malik Blade

This was a tedious watch. There was nothing substantive in this one to sink your teeth into.

Malik Blade took Solo Sikoa to the mat, working the arm, following the opening bell. Sikoa eventually overpowered Blade, only for Blade to gain a headlock moments later. Thankfully, Sikoa hit a shoulder tackle to begin his first offense. Sikoa then took Blade to the mat. 

Late in the match, Blade started a rally with a series of dropkicks and a superkick. A dropkick from the top left Blade with a near fall. Blade climbed to the top again, but he was caught by a Sikoa kick this time. Sikoa then hit Blade with a spinning thumb strike to close the match.