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WWE 205 Live results: Legado del Fantasma debut


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Matt Martel (with Chase Parker) 

Isaiah Scott and Matt Martel entered a collar-and-elbow tie-up immediately following the opening bell. Martel successfully used an arm drag which was celebrated by Chase Parker, who accompanied him to the ring. A second collar-and-elbow tie-up saw Martel transition into a headlock. From the headlock, Martel bounced from the ropes and delivered a shoulder tackle to Scott. Scott kipped up and used an arm drag of his own. Martel recovered in the corner with aid from Parker, he was taunted by Scott as this was happening. 

A third tie-up then began. Scott found himself backed into the corner where the referee forced a break. Martel taunted Scott. In what was the fourth tie-up, Scott pushed Martel to the ground and landed a few forearms. Scott pulled back and allowed Martel to return to his feet. 

Martel tried for an overhand right but was sidestepped by Scott. Scott rolled around before trapping the head of Martel between his feet for a head-scissor takedown. A frustrated Martel rose and chopped Scott. Scott chopped Martel back causing him to fall. Scott continued chopping Martel before advancing to a wider variety of strikes. 

Martel retreated to the corner from where he kicked the pursuing Scott. Scott was slapped by Martel, but was unphased. Scott connected with an uppercut that sent Martel to the mat. Scott climbed to the second rope but before he could jump was pulled down by Parker. 

The referee called for the disqualification as Ever-Rise attacked Scott. Scott was continually stomped by the pair before, out of all people, Tony Nese hit the ring for the rescue. Nese scared Martel and Parker away from Scott before asking the referee to turn this into a tag match. The referee agreed to the match’s making before the ring announcer concretized the match with an official announcement.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Tony Nese defeated Ever-Rise (Matt Martel and Chase Parker) 

Nese and Scott, who were seemingly rivals this time last week, were now a team. Before the match could begin Nese and Scott were already in a spat, both men wanted to start the match. Scott demanded he starts regardless of his condition. Parker, who was starting the match for his team, immediately jumped Scott as soon as the bell sounded. Nese reached for the tag but Scott was already being dragged across the ring by Parker. Martel tagged in and began a team-based assault. Martel and Parker traded legality as they beat down the already attacked Scott. 

Parker as the legal man tried for a suplex, but was blocked by Scott. Scott connected with a standing suplex of his own. Scott was obviously damaged and considered tagging in Nese but instead turned his attention to Parker. Parker soon after landed a punch that forced Scott to step back towards his corner. Much to the dissatisfaction of Scott, Nese tagged himself into the match. 

Nese immediately took the offense to Parker. After gaining significant control of the match, Nese offered the tag to Scott. Scott begrudgingly accepted the tag and aided Nese in delivering a double standing suplex. Scott began to attack the left leg of Parker but was quite quickly kicked off. Parker ran and got the tag. Martel struck Scott before taking him to the ground. 

Martel kept the pressure on Scott before tagging into Parker once more. Parker landed an elbow drop and tried for the pin but Scott kicked out. Scott, now on the ground, was receiving calls for a tag from Nese. As Scott inched closer and closer for a tag Martel tried to disrupt the opposing team by attacking Nese. Nese cartwheeled over Martel and connected with a nice forearm. Nese returned to the apron just in time for the tag from Scott. 

Nese hit the ring with ferocity. A set of high impact strikes left Parker laid out. Martel hit the ring and was immediately thrown out by Nese. Nese then ran the length of the ring with Parker’s head in his control. Nese jumped the top rope to drag the throat of Parker against it while simultaneously landing on the recovering Martel. 

Nese climbed to the second rope and connected with a picture-perfect moonsault which he followed with a kicked from pin attempt. Martel hit the ring again, and this time he created a long enough break for Parker to grab Nese. Parker positioned Nese up and connected with a gory bomb. The pin attempt that followed was broken up by Scott. 

All four men were now in the ring. After a momentary staredown, a brawl ensued. Martel and Scott were soon on the outside of the ring. Parker tried to roll up Nese, but found himself on the receiving end of a spinning heel kick after Nese rolled through. 

Nese pulled Parker into the corner and connected with a running knee. Nese then called for Scott to tag in. Scott accepted the tag and ascended to the top rope from where he connected with a double foot stomp. Scott pinned Parker and secured the victory.

Nese and Scott shook hands following their win but Scott still seemed confused by his newfound ally.

This match was very solid in both of its phases. The cut short singles portion of the match played off a simple  “Anything you can do I can do better” theme before its end. Thankfully its quick ending was not actually the end as tag match that followed seamlessly its theme into one of the unlikely allies.   

The tag portion of the match was fast-paced and story-driven. While it was short from perfect it made every second count. 

While on the topic of this match, Nese’s involvement in the second phase is intriguing. While his motivations are unclear what is clear is he has some motivation. Finding them out is something to look forward to. 

Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza with Santos Escobar) defeated Leon Ruff and Liam Gray

As soon as the bell sounded, Joaquin Wilde laid Leon Ruff out with a clothesline. Ruff had his arm attacked in the moments that followed. After an atomic drop and a moonsault, Raul Mendoza tagged in. Mendoza picked Ruff apart as the match continued. Ruff lucked into a tag after being tossed in the general direction of his partner. Liam Gray was able to get in some sparse strikes before being hit with a clothesline. Gray took a flip bump. Wilde tagged in again and held Gray in position for a running kick. Wilde then pinned Gray for the win.

Legado del Fantasma stood tall in the center of the ring following their victory. 

A decisive squash. There is absolutely nothing in this match to complain about. It had a simple purpose that was easily achieved.