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WWE 205 Live results: Legado Del Fantasma vs. Lorcan & Burch


The Brian Kendrick defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis

205 Live began with a rematch; the man formerly known as Tehuti Miles, now Ashante Adonis, was to once again wrestle the man who triggered this change in personas, The Brian Kendrick. 

Kendrick in the early going looked to be regretting his words of wisdom towards Adonis late last month. Kendrick shoved Adonis, only for Adonis to pursue him with his newfound intensity. Adonis gained an early lead from this point which was lost after a big boot from Kendrick. Kendrick pummeled Adonis while avoiding all of his reversal attempts. 

Kendrick eventually gave an inch to Adonis in the way of separation which Adonis fully capitalized on, landing a momentum nullifying clothesline. An Adonis spinebuster and head kick resulted in a pair of near falls. Finally, after a brief struggle, Adonis landed a DDT but taunted Kendrick in the moments following. Kendrick took advantage, secured the captain’s hook, and submitted Adonis.

Kendrick and Adonis shook hands just as they did in their match two weeks ago.

This match, in the same manner as their last, was fine in the ring and played further into the same story. The Adonis rebranding seems to be a means to further confirming the already established character of Miles following his first Kendrick match. Adonis is now more intense than ever but is still overconfident.

Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise) defeated Andrew Lockhart and Erik Lockhart

This match was a complete and total squash. Neither member of Ever-Rise gave up even an inch of offense to either Lockhart. The match was executed well enough considering its contents. 

Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde (w/ Santos Escobar) defeated Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Oney Lorcan and Joaquin Wilde started this match with a nice progression of chain wrestling. Wilde eventually won out and was able to trade tags with his partner Raul Mendoza in hopes of furthering their advantage. Danny Burch was able to secure a tag after Lorcan fought into his corner, a tag that Burch was able to take full advantage of. After regaining momentum for his team Burch delivered a double suplex with the aid of Lorcan. 

Wilde was able to interfere on behalf of his team which allowed Legado Del Fantasma to stomp Burch into the mat. Wilde and Mendoza both traded tags as they further damaged Burch. Burch dug down deep to tag Lorcan back into the match, a tag which set a passion-filled Lorcan free. Lorcan effectively shifted the match back into his team’s favor before tagging Burch back in where he, with the help of Lorcan, landed an elevated DDT. Mendoza was forced to break the pin attempt that followed. 

Burch and Wilde were now on seemingly equal ground and it was Burch who was getting ahead. A massive German suplex triggered a reaction from Santos Escobar. Escobar hopped onto the apron but before anything could come of it Ever-Rise entered the ThunderDome. Ever-Rise initiated an attack on Escobar which drew the attention of Burch, which lasted no more than three seconds. Wilde was able to roll up his distracted opponent and effectively steal the win. 

This match was well structured and well-executed from bell to bell. The finish, while a bit flaky, was a followup from a reasonably angered Ever-Rise. All in all, a good watch.