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WWE 205 Live results: A look at the Escobar-Swerve feud


Vic Joseph introduced the show, promising an inside look at the upcoming NXT Cruiserweight championship match between Santos Escobar and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. 

The first meeting of the pair, from the interim NXT Cruiserweight championship tournament’s B group, played in full (April 29, 2020). El Hijo del Fantasma, now Escobar, suffered his only defeat in the tournament at the hands of Scott in this match before going on to win the tournament and the NXT Cruiserweight championship.

Vic Joseph provided a further rundown of previous events: the unmasking of Escobar, the formation of Legado Del Fantasma, and other related changes. 

The Escobar vs Scott NXT Cruiserweight championship match from the August 8th episode of NXT played in full. Escobar would of course go on to recoup his loss from earlier in the year with the aid of a loaded mask. 

Vic Joseph returned to give further context to the upcoming match, mentioning Scott’s alliance with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. 

Legado del Fantasma vs Scott, Breeze, and Fandango played in full from the August 31st installment of NXT. The trio of Scott, Breeze, and Fandango came out of the street fight as victors after Scott pinned Escobar. 

Vic Joseph made his final spiel, going over the entire card for the upcoming TakeOver.

The Scott and Escobar interview from this week’s NXT played in full. 

This show was a hard watch. Showing fine to decent matches in full, that already aired on NXT on 205 Live doesn't make much sense. Nevermind the fact that this “inside look” was nothing more than a look through NXT’s backlog; nothing from 205 Live even made the cut. One well-produced video package would do exponentially more in building to TakeOver than this show.