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WWE 205 Live results: Mansoor vs. Curt Stallion


August Grey and Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari 

The match started with some typical heel work. Nese and Daivari distracted Grey from the apron multiple times, preventing him from getting started. Finally, Grey escaped from the isolation, tagging in Atlas who took out both of his opponents in an exciting offensive sequence. However, Daivari soon pulled Atlas’s legs out from under him, leaving the dastardly pair back in control.  Nese and Daivari continued picking apart Atlas as the match played out. 

Atlas ducked Nese’s spinning kick, creating enough separation to secure the tag. Grey now connected with an offensive flurry of his own, taking out both Daivari and Nese. Daivari interfered with the sequence, allowing Nese to catch Grey with a cradled back to belly piledriver; Atlas broke up the ensuing pin attempt. 

Atlas hit Daivari with a tope in the chaos that followed. Nese chased Atlas, delivering a running hotshot to Grey and a crossbody to Atlas. Back in the ring, Grey and Nese struggled for control. Grey eventually won out, connecting with his unprettier before pinning Nese. 

This match was fun, content dense, and generally exciting—one of the better 205 Live matches in some time. 

Curt Stallion and Mansoor had a brief interview prior to their match to decide on a team name. Stallion suggested “CurtSoor,” and Mansoor suggested “ManStallion.” Mansoor then bragged about his 40-0 record; Stallion then made it known he was not a part of that 40. Stallion pledged to be 1 in 40-1 in following the main event. 

The Bollywood Boyz then cut a short promo, calling out Ever-Rise, the other half of Bolly-Rise. 

Mansoor defeated Curt Stallion 

Stallion and Mansoor traded some grappline early, both standing and on the mat. A gut-wrench suplex from Stallion marked an end to the extended feeling out process. 

Mansoor secured some momentum of his own with a clothesline. Mansoor took the match back to the mat, but this didn’t last long. Stallion landed a double foot stomp following a momentary opening which he followed with an air raid crash neckbreaker. A dropkick and DDT to the bottom turnbuckle left Stallion with a near fall. 

Stallion tried to end the match again by rolling Mansoor into a pin; Mansoor rolled through the attempt, initiating a struggle. Mansoor connected with a double underhook slam before trying for a pin. 

Mansoor tried and failed to hoist Stallion to his feet. Stallion popped up from his slump with a quick headbutt sending Mansoor crashing to the outside. Stallion hit a crossbody before sending Mansoor back inside the ropes. Stallion then climbed to the top rope and lept to meet Mansoor’s knees on his descent. 

Mansoor climbed to the top rope himself; Stallion met Mansoor at the top, producing a struggle that concluded with a one-man Spanish fly from Stallion. Mansoor broke the pin that followed with a desperation rope break. Mansoor then evaded a headbutt attempt, sending Stallion crashing into the turnbuckles. Mansoor then lept into a neckbreaker followed by a pin for the victory. 

This was another strong match. The drama of Mansoor’s streak, which is now being mentioned regularly, added to the near falls. Stakes, believe it or not, can significantly improve a match’s aura. 

All in all, this episode of 205 Live was better than any other in recent memory. There was atypical, fun character work and the matches had more meaning.