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WWE 205 Live results: Mansoor vs. Jake Atlas


Mansoor defeated Jake Atlas 

Atlas and Mansoor grappled as the match opened. Mansoor secured a single-leg crab. Atlas kicked Mansoor away, causing an awkward crash into the turnbuckles. A neckbreaker to a prone Mansoor and a forearm left Atlas with a pair of near falls. 

Mansoor fought his way free from a headlock and landed a chop block. Mansoor landed two dragon screws and a spinebuster before locking in the scorpion deathlock. Atlas crawled into the bottom rope to break the hold. A surprise neckbreaker from Atlas gave him control. 

Atlas tried for a suplex, but his leg gave way, allowing a quick pin attempt from Mansoor. Atlas powered through and landed a brainbuster before climbing to the top rope. Mansoor met Atlas with a dragon screw from the top rope to the mat. Mansoor maintained control of the leg and pinned Atlas.

This was a new side of Mansoor. This had some awkward moments but was well-executed.

Curt Stallion, Chase Parker, and Matt Martel defeated Sunil Singh, Samir Singh, and Ariya Daivari 

Daivari gained the advantage for his team in the early going. He then taunted his tag partners, allowing Stallion to create some separation. Sunil stole a tag from Daivari. Stallion, with aid from Ever-Rise, maintained control. 

Martel tried his hand at taking on all three of his competitors but fell short. After being overwhelmed by the numbers, Martel found himself on the receiving end of a double suplex. Martel then began his role as the punching bag.  

A forced tag from Daivari stopped the Bollywood domination. Daivari immediately lost control of the match, allowing Stallion to tag in. Stallion unloaded on the now legal Samir; a gargantuan DDT left Stallion with a near fall. Stallion and Ever-Rise traded tags, taking out all three members of the opposition. 

Daivari tagged back into the match, connecting with multiple strikes on Stallion. Daivari set Stallion up for a Samir dive, but Stallion missed, hitting Daivari instead. An enraged Daivari then announced he was leaving; the Singhs tried to console him. Stallion, not missing a beat, landed a beautiful dive, connecting with all three opponents. Stallion threw Samir back into the ring in time for Ever-Rise to connect with a double flapjack. On the rebound, Stallion connected with a leaping headbutt. Parker pinned Samir for the win. 

This was fine enough, considering no one on Earth wants more Bollywood/Ever-Rise matches. Stallion has star potential.