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WWE 205 Live results: Mansoor vs. Raul Mendoza


Chase Parker (with Matt Martel) defeated Samir Singh (with Sunil Singh) 

This opened with Samir Singh gaining a quick advantage following an opening distraction. Sunil Singh’s interference from the offset forced Matt Martel to lay out the opposing manager. As soon as Chase Parker gained some footing, Sunil stole his attention, effectively reestablishing Samir’s advantage. 

A suplex to the floor left Parker gasping for air. Samir transitioned into a short segment of ground control that ended following a quick boot from Parker. Samir didn’t allow momentum to escape his grasp as he locked in a deep sleeper hold that Parker narrowly escaped. 

Parker connected with a few overhand rights and an elbow drop to establish his first lead. Samir then rolled to the outside and swapped spots with his brother. Mind you, Sunil has about a foot less in hair, one less tattoo, and trunks instead of tights. The referee took a few seconds of studying before determining that Sunil wasn’t legal. Sunil was then ejected. 

Before Sunil could leave the ring, Samir tried to hit Parker with a clipboard while the referee was occupied. Samir instead hit his brother, expediting his trip to the back. Parker turned the distraction into opportunity as he lifted Samir and dropped him onto the turnbuckle, which led directly to the pin. 

This match wasn’t fantastic by any means, but the absurdity of the Singh swap left a smile on my face.

Mansoor defeated Raul Mendoza 

A collar-and-elbow tie-up led to a Mansoor favored scramble in the earliest moments of the match. The series of arm drag variations that followed left Raul Mendoza dazed on the outside. Mendoza drove Mansoor into the barricade and the ring apron to gain control. Mendoza dragged Mansoor into the ring and continued to work him over. Mendoza was dominant during this stretch, taunting Mansoor as he slowly picked away at him. 

The long-drawn Mendoza domination ended as Mansoor sidestepped a would-be spear to the corner, sending Mendoza crashing into the ring post. Mansoor connected with a clothesline, an atomic drop, and a spine buster, all in quick succession. A nearly catastrophic suicide dive led to a near fall. 

Mansoor hoisted Mendoza for his one-handed electric chair driver, now dubbed the Sands of Time. Mendoza rolled free into a pin attempt that Mansoor escaped. A moonsault to the back of Mansoor led to another near fall by Mendoza. 

Mansoor landed on his feet from a German suplex. He dropped Mendoza and transitioned into a scorpion deathlock. Mendoza reached the bottom rope to break the hold.

Mendoza connected with a swinging neck breaker to regain control. Mendoza then started the slow climb to the top rope, but missed his target. Mendoza was able to land on his feet, but the landing caused damage to his leg. Mansoor took advantage, landing a slingshot neckbreaker for the win. 

This match was fine.