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WWE 205 Live results: The matches that made Brian Kendrick


Amid the ongoing health crisis, 205 Live's typical match cards and structure were dropped this week. In its place was a new feature called "The Matches that Made Me." 

The Brian Kendrick acted as both the guest and host from what looked like his home while dressed in his entrance jacket. From this unusual setting, he answered questions regarding his relationship with professional wrestling.

"What was the match that made you fall in love with professional wrestling?" was the first question asked of Kendrick. He answered with the main event of WrestleMania VI, Hulk Hogan vs the Ultimate Warrior, and then proceeded to tell a brief story that led to his first viewing of the match. A typical childhood playdate transformed into a VHS WrestleMania watch party. After seeing the match, Kendrick concluded that being a wrestler is what he wished to do with his life. To put it in his own words Kendrick, "Wished to be the Ultimate Warrior." 

Hogan vs Warrior then played in full. It's easy to see how this match, one of the most iconic in federation history, acted as a successful introduction to pro wrestling for a young Kendrick. The colossal men, who not only resembled Greek gods but also matched them in dramatics, came across that day as immortals. After seeing the farewell imagery of Warrior simultaneously clutching the bright yellow strapped intercontinental belt and the stunning winged eagle WWF Heavyweight championship, it is easy to see how boyhood Kendrick wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Following the conclusion of that match, Kendrick rejoined the broadcast. He was quick to address the next question of, "Which match that you competed in were you the proudest of?" He mentioned a pair of moments that he felt pride in, his reign as tag team champion with Paul London and his reign as cruiserweight champion following the birth of 205 Live, before coming to his emotional encounter with Kota Ibushi at the Cruiserweight Classic. 

Following his middle-bracket loss at the event, Kendrick felt as if it might be the end of his time in the WWE. He said he was forced to look in the mirror following that match, a metaphorical action that in turn placed his career into perspective and ultimately led to his prolonged stay with the company. 

Kendrick vs Ibushi then played in full. The high paced bout was equally dramatic and athletic. It perfectly played to the narrative laid forth by Kendrick in the prior segment. For every giant move delivered by Kendrick, Ibushi kicked out. Nothing Kendrick could do was enough and in the end, Ibushi came out on top. Being proud of this incredible match is easy, but using it as a tool for further improvement proves that Kendrick was and still is entirely dedicated to his craft.

This feature in place of 205 Live only scratched the surface of Kendrick's long career. It could have definitely benefited from more of Kendrick, be it in the form of further thoughts on the matches showcased or voiceover in "watch-along" fashion. Though it wasn't a thorough retrospective, rewatching these matches in the context provided by Kendrick was a satisfying change from the empty arenas.