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WWE 205 Live results: Matty Wahlberg debuts


Grayson Waller defeated Sunil Singh

The debuting Waller was fine in this match. It was a semi-layered squash but not complex enough to accurately read the former Survivor competitor. What was delivered was ok, but the match was limited.

Before the match’s start, commentary made clear Samir Singh, the other half of the Bollywood Boyz, was filming a movie in Bollywood. 

Waller gained an early advantage over Sunil. A triangle against the ropes left Sunil gasping for air. After controlling Sunil on the mat, Waller tried for a splash in the corner that Sunil avoided. Sunil capitalised, slamming Waller’s neck into the top rope before hitting two top rope axe handles. On the third, Waller caught Sunil with a superkick. A Seth Rollins style blackout/curb stomp from Waller left him with a pinfall victory. 

Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese defeated Asher Hale and Ari Sterling 

This was quite good. The odd couple dynamic provided some extra substance to an already exciting match. 

Nese and Hale struggled for grappling control in the opening moments, proving to be on near equal footing. Hale refused to tag in a willing Sterling. Hale then gained control over Nese’s arm. Moments later, Hale tagged Sterling in by slapping his chest instead of his extended hand. 

Sterling, now legal, gained an advantage over Daivari, which was interrupted when Sterling turned his attention to his estranged partner. Daivari and Nese then unloaded on Sterling in the corner in an attempt to steal momentum by any means. Sterling fought free before sending both of his opponents to the outside. In the team’s first tandem act, Hale lept from the apron to hit Daivari with a knee in the team’s first tandem act as Sterling delivered moonsauce to Nese; Hale refused to fist bump Sterling after the cooperative display. 

Hale tagged into the match and took Nese to the mat. Nese fought his way into the ropes, prompting a pull apart, which Daivari took full advantage of, delivering a swift kick to the head of Hale. Nese then hit the prone Hale with a springboard moonsault. Daivari and Nese traded tags, tearing down Hale with significant offence for the first time. 

A quick snap suplex allowed Hale to get the hot tag. Sterling connected with a flurry of strikes; a near fall followed after a kick. Hale then tagged himself in, kicking Nese into the ground. Hale forced Daivari to interfere to break up an armbar; this allowed Daivari and Nese to hit a double team uranage that Sterling was forced to break up. 

Hale managed to emerge from the chaos that followed the double-teaming with advantage. Hale tried for a superplex that Daivari stuffed as Sterling sneakily tagged in. Sterling used his stealth to land a surprise super rana by gliding over the back of Daivari. Hale tagged back into the match just as the illegal Nese hit Sterling with a superkick. Nese and Daivari lifted Hale and hit a double team facebuster cutter for the win.