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WWE 205 Live results: Mike Kanellis returns


The NXT number one contender's match from this week was recapped and showcased how good Lio Rush and Angel Garza are. Rush will challenge Jordan Devlin for the Cruiserweight Championship on NXT next week.

Hometown heroes The Singh Brothers entered to a huge reaction in Vancouver. Well, that doesn't usually bode well on WWE shows. They danced and a giant Bollywood chant broke out. They talked about getting advice from Wayne Gretzky to enjoy this moment and get out of Vancouver and take Bollywood to Hollywood. They then revealed rival hockey jerseys to get heat.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch came down to stand up for hockey apparently. 

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated The Singh Brothers

Things started off with a brawl until The Singhs got the advantage with some nice double-team action. They got two off a Russian leg sweep/superkick combo.

The Singhs worked over Lorcan until he fought back with elbows out of the corner and got a chance to make a hot tag. Samir Singh tried to block the tag, but he couldn't and Burch came in and threw hands.

The Singhs recovered, hit a double superkick, and landed the Bollywood Blast for 2.9 when Lorcan dove in to save the match for his team. Lorcan and Burch hit the Snapshot for the win.

Brian Kendrick and Ariya Daivari distracted Lorcan and Burch after the match, allowing The Singhs to attack Lorcan and Burch from behind. Kendrick and Daivari attacked Lorcan and Burch with chairs and paraded around the ring.

A Joaquin Wilde video package showed off his high-flying offense and got across a bit of his charisma in about 20 seconds. Raul Mendoza also got a highlight video to set up a match between them for next week.

A Lio Rush interview from after NXT aired. Rush said he was signed at 21 because he's the best cruiserweight in the world, so what Devlin says means nothing. He's beaten every ace and he's the king of the cruiserweights.

Kendrick cut a promo and said The Singhs proved him wrong. He assumed they were like any other Canadian and would run like cowards the first chance they got. Kendrick cut an anti-Canada promo before quoting the Mountie's theme. He said the Singhs are brave and honorable and -- as far as he's concerned -- they're now honorary US citizens.

Daivari said that he and Kendrick are 205 OGs -- and that reminds me of Jerry Lynn saying being an ex-ECW Champion and having a dollar was good for a coffee. Kendrick mentioned that he and Daivari are contractually obligated to wrestle tonight. He asked who WWE had lined up for them.

Tony Nese entered and pointed to his abs. I guess he's a face by proxy here? Mike Kanellis then made his return to WWE television to team with Nese. Nese's pec bounce to the tune of Kanellis' theme was tremendous.

Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis defeated Ariya Daivari & Brian Kendrick

After a brawl between the teams at the start, Kendrick tripped up Nese. Daivari got the advantage and insulted Canada.

Kanellis worked over Daivari. Nese's neck was snapped on the rope before Kendrick came in and slugged away at Nese while Daivari held his arms. Kanellis came in and chopped away at Kendrick before charging in and eating a boot. Kanellis hit a spinebuster for two.

Kendrick distracted the referee so Daivari could throw Kanellis into the barricade. Kendrick locked on a kneebar before Kendrick tagged Daivari in. Daivari prevented a tag by knocking Nese off the apron and then applied a long chinlock.

A double-down off a double lariat opened the door to fresh men coming in. Nese came in and ran into Daivari with a spin kick. Nese sent himself over the top to Kendrick and hit a moonsault to Daivari for two.

Nese and Kanellis hit a combo pumphandle slam/flying knee before Kendrick locked the Captain's Hook on Kanellis. Daivari got the Million Dollar Dream, but Nese sent him into the pile to break both moves up.

Nese hit a 450 on Daivari, but Kendrick broke the pin up. Daivari hit a frog splash, but Nese kicked out at two.

Kendrick got a pair of chairs and they teased using them while the referee threatened a disqualification. Lorcan and Burch came down bandaged up to stop them -- and Nese used the distraction to roll up Daivari. The way Nese & Kanellis won didn't really help them out much at all.

Burch and Lorcan got retribution on Kendrick and Daivari and laid them out with chairs after the match. Lorcan and Burch celebrated with chairs overhead -- and it was announced that they'll face Kendrick & Daivari in a no DQ match next week.