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WWE 205 Live results: Mustafa Ali & Hideo Itami tear down the house


Drake Maverick narrated a video package showcasing the entire Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami feud to set up their falls count anywhere match tonight.

Vic Joseph welcomed us to the 100th episode of 205 Live as Lince Dorado entered with the rest of the Lucha House Party to face Mike Kanellis. Kanellis has retained the entire presentation he had before, and so even on this show, it feels like his ceiling is very low. 

Mike Kanellis defeated Lince Dorado

Dorado used his speed to get an early lead on Kanellis, who was consoled by Maria Kanellis on the outside. Dorado dominated until Maria acted as a distraction and Kanellis jumped him. Kanellis put on a long chinlock before going for a modified surfboard. Percy Watson talked about Maria having been in the ring with John Cena and a variety of other legends to put over her appearance in the battle royal at Evolution.

Dorado freed himself and landed a rana for two. Kanellis missed a stinger splash and hit a high kick before getting two off a super rana. The bronco buster hit, but Kanellis got a spinebuster for 2.9. Dorado sent Kanellis out, a pescado hit, and the Shooting Star Press landed solidly, but it only got two!

Kanellis attacked Kalisto and Gran Metalik before Dorado landed a rana. However, Kanellis snapped the rope into his face and won with Cross Rhodes.

Maverick sat down and thanked the fans for allowing 205 Live to get to 100 episodes. Maverick said that a match will be held next week to determine Murphy's next opponent.

Brian Kendrick said that Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher tried to take him out, but he'll take out Gallagher next week.

Lio Rush cut a promo claiming he didn't lose in last week's fatal five-way and Cedric Alexander didn't have him beat before Tony Nese won. Rush said that he's still undefeated in one-on-one competition.

Buddy Murphy said he doesn't have many thoughts about who will be in the match next week -- other than feeling it should be Tony Nese. Nese said he should get a title shot just for winning the fatal five-way, but he'll beat whoever Maverick has lined up next week.

Mustafa Ali defeated Hideo Itami in a falls count anywhere match

Itami started things off by kicking Ali hard in the head to the floor.  Ali landed a series of chops and went up top, but Itami kicked him down to the floor and got two. Itami dominated with shots around ringside and landed a fast knee to Ali's gut. Ali avoided another one and landed a kneeling superkick, a standing superkick, and a superkick to the neck.

Ali and Itami brawled near the timekeeper's area. Ali got tripped up on the barricade and hit the floor hard. Ali threw Itami over the announce table, but Itami took him down for a single leg crab before Ali escaped. Ali ate a kick off the table into a chair for 2.5.

Amid the crowd, Ali hit a big superkick for two. Itami kneed him around and then threw him into the steps. Itami landed a nasty lariat on the ramp for 2.5. Itami stood on top of the steps and ate a giant crossbody off the top -- and Itami's head smacked the mat hard for 2.5.

Itami stacked the steps up and Ali went chest-first on them. Itami set up a conchairto with a set of steps, but it missed and Ali got a flying DDT on the floor. Ali set up a table and won with a 450 through the table off the top to the floor!

Maverick said that this was Ali's biggest win and he is in the match to get a shot at Murphy. It will be Ali vs. Nese next week.