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WWE 205 Live results: Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy


Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik were hyped up as international stars in a pre-show package building up their match with Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher.

Tony Nese said he'll show the world that he's still the premiere athlete, while Buddy Murphy is facing Mustafa Ali and wants to make up for losing out on his Cruiserweight title shot at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson talked about tonight's card, and McGuinness discussed Murphy's quest to become a champion once again.

The Lucha House Party came out to face Kendrick & Gallagher. Drew Gulak slapped hands with fans -- but made sure to wipe his hands off on his suit afterwards. He joined commentary for this match.

Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik defeated Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher

Gallagher worked a headlock on Dorado before Dorado locked on a headscissors. We got some comedy with Gallagher doing headstands and trying to escape, so Dorado slapped him on the backside to break that up. McGuinness teased Cruiserweight Tag Team titles being a thing with all these tag matches.

Metalik tagged in and hit a double-jump dropkick for two. Kendrick got a blind tag and Metalik hit a flip dive. Kendrick connected with a jumping kick to the back of the head, then kicked Metalik before crossfacing him a few times. Gallagher tagged in and worked on the arm before Kendrick came back in to work on it more.

Metalik booted Gallagher off the apron and tagged in Dorado, who dropkicked Kendrick. Kendrick hit Sliced Breas and Gallagher got a near fall when Metalik made a save. The House Party hit a stereo superkick on the heels, with Dorado winning with a Shooting Star Press. 

Mustafa Ali cut a selfie promo on a train track about how he's built to go and Murphy's built for show. Ali said it's about clearing the way for his own path to success and Murphy can either move willingly or he'll make him.

Murphy told Nese he needs to move on from the gauntlet match and Nese wished him luck. Murphy said Ali is his only blemish so far in this division and he's had a tougher time getting used to weight cuts, but he wants to win tonight and hopes the champ is watching.

Nese came out to count his abs and destroy a jobber.

Tony Nese defeated Keith Clayball

Watson mocked Joseph for not being ripped, telling him to find a gym. Joseph said he knows one -- his brother Jim. Nese was back to being a full-on heel by mocking the fans. McGuinness said that he's heard some good things about Clayball before saying that Nese needs matches like this to get back on track. He quoted Winston Churchill about going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm for what he's doing.

Nese did the crunch kicks in the corner, but Clayball avoided the corner knee and ate a boot. Nese rebounded and hit a big double-arm lariat to the jaw. A corner knee strike ended it and got the win for Nese.

There was a video showcasing Hideo Itami's NXT run before Triple H, JBL, and Michael Cole put him over. Itami said he came here to prove what a superstar he is. He said he didn't like teaming with Akira Tozawa, doesn't need a partner, and Tozawa didn't deserve him.

Drake Maverick and Cedric Alexander met, with Maverick letting the brawl Alexander had last week slide. Next week, 205 Live will face off and team up with the WWE UK division.

Buddy Murphy defeated Mustafa Ali

Murphy shoved Ali down but missed a big stomp. Ali avoided a powerbomb and chopped away. Murphy lifted him up off a rana attempt and went for a rana of his own, but he ate a rana from Ali anyway and went to the apron. Murphy was sent into the announce table, then made Ali go splat with a suplex on the floor.

Alexander looked on from backstage via a television as Murphy kicked away at Ali's back. They each went for crossbody blocks and met in the middle. A sleeper was locked on and Murphy ran Ali back and head-first into the buckles. 

Ali trapped Murphy in the ropes and hit a deja-vu tornado DDT for two. Well, that was nuts. Murphy hit a big punt kick and turned a powerbomb into a Yokosuka cutter for two. Murphy hit a trifecta of powerbombs, but Ali countered another powerbomb with a spike X-Factor. He went for a super rana to the floor, but Murphy tossed him off and Ali did a backflip, landing on his feet before hitting a superkick to the jaw. That was insane, and the crowd came alive as he tossed Murphy back in for two.

Ali went for a 450, but Murphy dropped a knee on his arm before slamming it into the buckle and slamming the arm down hard. Ali cradled him and went for a tornado DDT, but Murphy grabbed him, hammerlocked him, tossed the shoulder into the buckle, and took him out with Murphy's Law. This was an outstanding match.