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WWE 205 Live results: Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese


Drake Maverick thanked Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami for having a fantastic falls count anywhere match last week, with WWE showcasing Ali's big win.

Brian Kendrick faces Jack Gallagher in tonight's opener, and we got Saturday Night's Main Event-esque promos from both before Maverick called them two cunning wrestlers. The main event features Mustafa Ali facing Tony Nese in a number one contender's match.

Gallagher came out to face Kendrick, who showed no fear with Drew Gulak being out there on commentary.

Brian Kendrick defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher slapped Kendrick, who responded with a series of forearm shots. Kendrick landed a baseball slide and talked smack before the distraction allowed Gallagher to attack. Gallagher worked Kendrick over with a variety of strikes and holds before getting two off an elbow drop.

Gallagher thrust kicked Kendrick in the jaw before Kendrick demanded more. Kendrick responded with big forearms and a calf kick for two. Kendrick got the Captain's Hook, but Gallagher made it to the ropes. Gallagher snapped Kendrick's neck on the rope and got a rear naked choke on, but Kendrick made it to the ropes.

Gallagher avoided a Sliced Bread but ate a superkick. Gulak went to attack Kendrick, but Akira Tozawa made the save and Sliced Bread won it for Kendrick.

Maverick and Cedric Alexander met. After a 180-day reign as champion, Alexander wondered why he doesn't get the first title shot against Buddy Murphy. Maverick told Alexander he will give him his rematch -- but only when he feels he's ready since he's on a losing streak and needs to be at a championship level to make the most of the chance.

Maverick remains the best GM act in all of wrestling, and Alexander bought the argument and seemingly had no problem with it.

Gran Metalik defeated an enhancement wrestler

Metalik flipped around a bit to start before hitting a big overhand chop. He landed a rope-walk elbow to win quickly. After the match, TJP jumped Metalik and took his mask off.

Murphy hyped up Nese before he was asked about a meeting with Maverick. Murphy said that next week's show will involve the United Kingdom division, and he wants to face Mark Andrews.

Ali got taped up backstage in the trainer's room.

Backstage, Maria Kanellis told Dasha Fuentes to leave because she's better at the job, and she asked Mike Kanellis what it's like to be the best cruiserweight on the show. TJP interrupted and Maria said she can tell he's begging for help -- and that's fine. They are open to negotiating business.

Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Nese in a number one contender's match

Nese attacked Ali's ribs to start and landed some quick kicks before Ali rebounded. Ali flew off the ropes and messed up a leapfrog in a way that thankfully didn't damage the one leg he came down on before getting a running rana. Nese bailed and ate a dropkick and a plancha -- however, Nese grabbed Ali and gave him a fallaway slam on the metal ramp.

Nese kicked away at Ali's ribs and locked on a reverse bear hug and a knee to the gut. Ali got a desperation schoolboy for two, but Nese got a near fall off a Northern Lights suplex. Nese locked on a bodyscissors before drilling him with a spinning heel kick to the ribs.

Nese talked smack up top, but he got pulled down and hit his head on the buckle. Nese recovered and hit a Randy Savage neck snap before missing a moonsault. Ali mustered up whatever strength he had left and landed a sunset flip into a Liger Bomb. Ali sent him over the top with a lariat and dove onto him with a huge flip. A crossbody hit, but Ali couldn't get the cover right away and only got two.

Ali landed a series of superkicks, including one to the back of the head for 2.5. Ali hit a huge DDT for two and went up top, but Nese hit a big uppercut. Nese landed the big Dean Malenko super gutbuster for two and stomped away on Ali's ribs in the corner. He tore at the tape before punting the ribs in a blind rage. The referee told Nese to stop -- and Ali cradled Nese to win.

Nese went to attack Ali, but Alexander came down and ran Nese off. Alexander held Ali in such a way that he could Lumbar Check him -- but he didn't and played it off like he was just here to support him. Whenever Alexander turns on Ali, it's going to be fantastic -- hopefully it's after Ali wins the title.

Murphy came out and had a staredown with Ali and Alexander to close the show.