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WWE 205 Live results: Nese vs. Burch, Lorcan vs. Gallagher


Tony Nese defeated Danny Burch

During the initial moments in 205 Live's opening match, Danny Burch applied pressure to the left arm of Tony Nese. After being briefly grounded, Nese was able to roll to his feet and force a referee initiated break. Said break allowed Nese to land a headlock takedown on Burch. Burch transitioned from his disadvantaged ground position into a surprise pin attempt. Nese kicked out and both men returned to their feet.

 A test of strength followed the reset. Burch prevailed and attempted a single leg boston crab but Nese was able to quickly grab the middle rope. After being stood up once again both men stared each other down for a very brief instant before Nese landed a takedown which he followed with a hold to the left ankle of Burch. As Burch struggled for freedom, Nese placed his foot on the bottom rope for additional leverage. Burch kicked his way free, but was clearly strained. 

The two rose to a standing position wherein Burch was immediately taken back down to the mat by Nese. Nese then proceeded to continue his assault on the left leg of Burch with a single leg boston crab. Burch quickly crawled to the rope and kicked off Nese who was not honoring the break ordered by the official. 

In the third reset of the match, Burch scored a headlock takedown of his own. Once on the mat, both men traded advantage. Nese was eventually bested on the ring floor but drew in Burch by playing possum next to the ropes. Burch fell for his trap and was sent through the ropes. Nese then landed a flush spinning back elbow sending Burch crashing to the outside. At the count of eight Nese left the ring and began an outside attack which included driving Burch's back into the barricade and Burch's head into the ring apron. Nese rolled Burch into the ring and attempted a pin but Burch kicked out.

After Burch kicked out, Nese secured a pseudo-rear-mount that slowed the match to a crawl. Burch ultimately freed himself from this hold. Burch landed a flurry of intense strikes and a huge second rope missile dropkick. Burch hesitated for a moment after a failed pin attempt. Burch then picked up Nese for a standing suplex but Nese floated over. 

Burch endeavored to maintain his control with a big boot followed by a german suplex. In a fantastic moment of athleticism, Nese landed on his feet following the release from Burch's german suplex; Burch landed on his back from the same move. Nese then promptly delivered a seamless double foot stomp to the chest of Burch and hooked his leg for a near fall.  

Both men struggled to their feet, Nese was first to stand. Nese took control of Burch's head, ran him across the ring, and jumped to the floor to force the throat Burch into the top rope. Nese without hesitation jumped from the floor to the apron and then to the second rope where he delivered a stunning moonsault to his grounded opponent. Burch kicked out again. 

A frustrated Nese taunted Burch on the ground. Burch was able to take the arm of his mocker and secure a crossface in the center of the ring. In what seemed to be a possible end of the match, Nese rolled the crossface into a pin and nearly picked up a victory. Both men regained footing momentarily. Nese landed a strike that stunned Burch and a german suplex in the corner that rendered him lifeless. Nese then performed a running knee, allowing Nese to pick up the win.

The match was overall quite fun. It could probably have done without the lull before the climax but ultimately it was an entertaining watch.   

Following the previous match's resolution, Nese was yelling at the announce team. Nese was met by Jack Gallagher who was entering the empty WWE Performance center for the main event. The two entered an intense staredown that narrowly avoided coming to blows. 

Jack Gallagher defeated Oney Lorcan

This week's 205 Live main event began with a briskly passed chain grappling segment. Jack Gallagher landed an early takedown. Once on the ground, Gallagher took the back of Lorcan wherein he reined in a few devastating fists to the back of the head. Lorcan was able to avoid any significant damage and made it back to his feet.

Gallagher remained on his back and lured Lorcan into his guard. The two ended up in the ropes and stood up for a moment but quickly returned to the mat wherein they both fought for control of the other's legs. They again ended up in the ropes and scraped during the standup. 

After being stood up again, Lorcan attempted a takedown but was stuffed. The two then struggled for control but Gallagher proved to be better on the ground, at least in this instance. Gallagher landed multiple strikes that rendered Lorcan staggered. Lorcan tried to match the intensity of Gallagher, but was once again bested in strikes not once but twice in two intense sequences.  

Lorcan was able to gain advantage when Gallagher connected with a headbutt that resulted in the Gallaher being dazed. Lorcan landed a half-and-half suplex on Gallagher and hooked the leg for a two count pin attempt. Lorcan continued his offense with a shoulder block and a clothesline but Gallagher powered out of both pin attempts. Lorcan then sat Gallagher on the top rope for a half-and-half suplex but was elbowed in the process. Gallagher connected with a crossbody with a turn during the descent.

Both men were laid on the mat flat when Tony Nese re-entered the picture. Gallagher rose to see the man he had just had a sour interaction with brandishing a chair. Before he could act, Lorcan rolled up Gallagher. Gallagher answered the referee's count at two. Gallagher then landed a brutal headbutt that seemed to signify the end of the match, but before he could follow up Gallagher was attacked by Nese making Gallagher the winner by disqualification. 
Lorcan aided his opponent in fending off Nese. Nese took a chair and looked to inflict serious harm on Lorcan but before he could, the music of Danny Burch played and Burch ran to the ring, saving his partner. 

This match was incredibly realistic and it at no point lulled. The shoot style segments were intense and meaningful. While the screwy finish might be a turnoff to some, it was an excellent catalyst in concretizing the dastardly nature of Tony Nese while maintaining both Lorcan and Burch.