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WWE 205 Live results: Neville addresses Akira Tozawa


The Big Takeaway --

Brian Kendrick mocked Jack Gallagher and beat him half to death with an umbrella. Drew Gulak's no fly zone cost him another win against Mustafa Ali, and the never-ending Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar storyline continued.

Neville and Tozawa also had an intense staredown and got physical for the first time ever to close the show.

Show Recap --

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Akira Tozawa's rise with the Titus Brand started things off thanks to an impressive highlight reel. A Neville highlight package then showcased his intimidating presence and deadly moves.

Vic Joseph and Corey Graves (in an outstanding used car salesman suit) welcomed us to the show. Neville will address the fans and Cedric Alexander will face Ariya Daivari.

Jack Gallagher chatted with Dasha Fuentes. Gallagher said that he let his guard down last week against Tony Nese, but he will not do that tonight against Brian Kendrick. Kendrick showed up dressed like Gallagher and called him a joke.

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Jack Gallagher defeated Brian Kendrick by DQ

Kendrick wrestled in a suit and hit Gallagher with a cheap shot before locking on a headlock. A long Kendrick promo and a headlock may not be the hottest way to start the show.

Gallagher went into the corner, but Kendrick simply refused to move and ended that. Gallagher landed a big uppercut, but ate the buckle before Kendrick landed a big corner forearm.

Vic Joseph said that Kendrick has a plan, and Graves said yes, he calls himself that and not the man with occasional forethought. Kendrick beat Gallagher up with his umbrella for the disqualification. He then grabbed Gallagher's umbrella to beat him with that one too. The crowd came alive thanks to all this, so I guess it worked. 

Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali was hyped up, leading to Gulak being interviewed by Fuentes. Fuentes threw to a video package showing Gulak losing via cradle and Gulak said that the victory proved his point -- Ali couldn't beat him with something flashy.

Gulak yammered on the bullhorn before Ali asked why Gulak hates exciting moves. Ali said that high flying is something Gulak just can't do -- and he gave him a big grin and a thumbs up.

A drive-in movie-style ad hyped up Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns for Great Balls of Fire.

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Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak

Gulak talked on the bullhorn to no reaction from the crowd. Ali took him down with a snap arm drag, so Gulak just punched him. Ali went for a dive, but he ate a kick to the gut. Gulak twisted his head on the mat before cranking on a chinlock.

Gulak hit a nasty snap suplex into the buckle for a near fall before raking Ali's face against the top rope. Ali landed a slick spinning DDT to the sound of silence. He then landed a series of forearms before connecting with a high kick out of the corner.

A blockbuster got two for Ali, but Gulak sent him down and went for a Superfly dive. It missed and Ali cradled him to win. 

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Alexander vs. Daivari was hyped up before Noam Dar apologized to Daivari for throwing his bag out. Dar told him it's really all Alexander's fault. Daivari said that the shirt was only $15,000 and he wouldn't even bend over to pick that up. Dar told him that Alicia Fox has his funds tied up anyway, then took a call from her.

Daivari told him that he doesn't owe him money -- he just owes him. He then destroyed Dar's phone. Thank God -- maybe that's it for the FaceTime gimmick.

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Ariya Daivari defeated Cedric Alexander

Alexander and Daivari exchanged armlocks before Alexander hit a big dropkick. The big springboard lariat got two for Alexander. Alexander cleaned Daivari's clock with a giant right elbow strike, but he got tossed into the buckle -- giving Daivari an edge.

Daivari locked on a chinlock before turning it into a body vice variant that is a bit too similar to Samoa Joe's finisher. Alexander got his foot on the rope and Dar came out to distract Alexander, with Daivari getting a cradle for two. Daivari hit a modified Rainmaker and won it.

Dar jumped Alexander with some dreadful punches from a side mount before asking for a mic. He told Fox that he would love to be on FaceTime, but the Cedric Alexander chapter is over and now it's time to move on so they can focus on their love. He quoted the movie "Rocky" by saying they did it.

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Neville walked backstage to prepare to talk to the crowd. His mere presence woke the crowd up and he told them that in two weeks, he will defend his title against another so-called challenger.

Him mentioning Tozawa's name resulted in the crowd doing the "Ha!" bit and he called it cute before saying that Titus Worldwide is a smokescreen and Tozawa is a mere lamb being led to slaughter. As champion, he gives warnings and the second that Tozawa comes in the ring, he will be smacked with reality and he isn't close to the Neville level.

Tozawa came down and Neville asked him if he understands what he's saying before getting nonstop "Ha's" in response. Tozawa kicked him down, which resulted in the fans doing the battle cry and then Tozawa doing it while Neville left with his tail tucked between his legs. They had an intense staredown to close the show.

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