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WWE 205 Live results: Neville puts his title on the line against TJP


The Big Takeaway --

Neville and TJP shined brightly in an outstanding main event. Cedric Alexander looked strong, while Rich Swann was showcased in an excellent video package.

Show Recap --

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The finish of the Cruiserweight title match at Extreme Rules was shown, followed by Neville's beating of TJP on Raw.

Noam Dar came out while Corey Graves and Tom Phillips talked about Alicia Fox not being with him. The fans yelled "where's Alicia?" and Dar talked about her for a bit before yammering about Cedric Alexander and saying that Fox is recovering at home.

Whoever decided to start the show off with a long Noam Dar promo should be fired. Alexander came out to thankfully save things and prevent Dar from talking more.

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar

Alexander locked on an armbar before Dar desperately got to the rope and yelled at the ref to break it up. Dar went outside and ate a nasty forearm and a chop. Dar faceplanted him for two. Dar locked on a nasty armbar before punting the elbow -- he's got a sadistic streak to him that works well.

Dar went for a kick, but Alexander caught his leg and used his good arm for a spinning back elbow strike. Alexander hit the springboard lariat for two. Dar connected with a soccer kick to the knee to send Alexander on his face before cradling him for two.

A nasty punt to the ribs got two for Dar, and then a big kick to Alexander sent him back -- but Alexander caught a rushing Dar into a crazy tossing Lumbar Check to win it. Dar's corkscrew selling on this was incredible.

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An in-depth video package on TJP showed him winning the Cruiserweight Classic and becoming the inaugural champion of this version of the title. TJP chatted with Dasha Fuentes about leading the generation and being great -- so he's still cocky despite somewhat being a babyface.

Louie Valle was in the ring to face Mustafa Ali. Valle has a fireplug appearance -- he's got a giant head, but he's stout and built like a fireplug along with tribal tattoos and the generic look of a mid-2000s created wrestler in a video game.

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Mustafa Ali defeated Louie Valle

Ali dropkicked him before flipping. He landed a series of hard forearms before landing a high kick on the apron. He hit his neckbreaker and went for the inverted 450, but Drew Gulak tried to distract him with his No Fly Zone stuff and Valle got a near fall off a distraction cradle before Ali won with a reversal.

Gulak said he's proud of him for winning with a grounded move. He cut a promo on the megaphone before Ali flipped on him.

A Rich Swann video showcased his love of dancing and how his life has been hard, but this WWE run has made it all worth it.

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Titus O'Neil chatted to Akira Tozawa about making the Titus Brand international. O'Neil's pink sweater vest under a tie and a suit jacket is something else and he is perfect as a manager -- not so much for a cruiserweight since he's gigantic, though.

TJP came out to face Neville.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated TJP to retain his title

Graves compared Neville to Jose Aldo and Max Holloway at the start. Neville slapped TJP around a bit before his opponent gave him a taste of his own medicine.

They exchanged matwork before a half crab led to Neville scrambling to the ropes to escape. TJP went from one leg and back hold to another with a Tarantula in the corner to wear down Neville. Neville took TJP outside and slammed his jaw on the announce table before a hard mid-ring powerslam.

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Neville got him in his sights before landing a missile dropkick and then landing an elbow to the jaw. TJP backdropped him to the floor before landing a corkscrew dive onto Neville. TJP landed the double chickenwing Codebreaker for two.

TJP went for the Detonation Kick, but Neville locked his feet in the ropes before faceplanting TJP. Neville landed a series of kicks before a sliding dropkick got two. Neville raked his boot on him before asking why TJ is making him do this. TJP started attacking the knee with dropkicks, but Neville recovered and went for a second rope phoenix splash.

It missed and TJ locked on the TJP Clutch! Graves talked about how this move gave TJP the title before, but Neville reversed it into the Rings of Saturn, which TJP turned into a cradle before Neville got a back-landing variant of the Rings of Saturn to win by submission.

This was an outstanding finishing sequence and this easily topped the PPV match.

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