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WWE 205 Live results: Neville takes on Rich Swann


The Big Takeaway --

Neville continued his never-ending dominance, while a new alliance between Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher teased a darker edge for both men. The Titus O'Neil and Akira Tozawa story took a slight turn this week, and the Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander feud refuses to end.

Show Recap --

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Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann chatted backstage and Swann bragged about being in the main event before Titus O'Neil said that he is impressed by Swann -- but he isn't The Weeknd, and he can't get away with that hair.

O'Neil awkwardly put Tozawa over and talked about finalizing their deal tonight. Tozawa said no, and O'Neil offered five percent more on "Tozawa Powah" merch. Tozawa turned this down, so O'Neil gave him until Raw and did his "cha-cha-cha-cha-ching" thing.

Corey Graves and Vic Joseph welcomed us to the show and ran down the card. Mustafa Ali faces Drew Gulak and Neville takes on Swann. But first, Jack Gallagher came out for a match against Tony Nese after a recap of the Nese-Austin Aries confrontation from last week. 

Tony Nese defeated Jack Gallagher

Nese tried to overpower Gallagher, who used tomfoolery like the corner handstand to get a bit of an advantage. Gallagher got tied into a tree of woe and Nese did a sit-up while bicycle kicking him.

Gallagher recovered and hit a forearm and a series of dropkicks before a headbutt got two. Nese charged after him, but Gallagher sidestepped and Nese hit the post. Nese played possum and used a schoolboy into the buckle before hitting a charging knee for the win.

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Noam Dar talked with Alicia Fox on Facetime before Cedric Alexander came in and said that this is all over for the thousandth time. Dar said that Alexander needs to quit 205 Live or it will never be over. Dar told Alexander to fetch because he threw his bag in the river, but Alexander grabbed his bag and then Ariya Daivari ran in because his bag is missing and it cost $15,000. Daivari's shirt is outstanding.

They hyped up Drew Gulak and his videos before doing a long recap of the Gulak-Mustafa Ali feud. Ali came out to face Gulak, who got no reaction with his megaphone.

Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak

Ali hit a baseball slide and a corkscrew dive before the bell. He went up top, but Gulak tossed him to the floor. Ali's elbow smacked the apron hard and he ate a forearm. Gulak targeted the arm with a hammerlock and slammed it into the buckle, but Ali landed a dropkick and a corner high kick. Ali got a cradle to pick up the win.

Backstage, Gallagher met with Aries, who said that being a gentleman hasn't worked well for him. Cutting corners has worked for Neville and TJP, but Gallagher said he's not comfortable cutting corners. Aries said that they can be allies and Gallagher agreed.

TJP and Swann had an awkward conversation about being friends and Graves hyped up the WWE 2K18 cover reveal with the Seth Rollins trailer.

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Tozawa got his own intro because O'Neil bought him a ticket and got him his own little purple velvet rope area. Neville came out first, followed by Swann.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated Rich Swann in a non-title match

Swann came in and Neville jumped him to make use of his better positioning. Neville ate a tilt-a-whirl rana and Swann landed a giant dive to the floor. Swann tossed him in and went for a rolling thunder splash, but he ended up taking a pair of knees to the gut.

Neville continued his dominance on the floor by ramming Swann into the barricade and then the announce table. Neville angrily picked him up, but Swann connected with a superkick.

Swann landed a series of kicks before a high kick got two. He went for the Phoenix splash, but Neville locked on the Rings of Saturn for the win. Neville stared at Tozawa to close the show.

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