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WWE 205 Live results: Neville takes on TJ Perkins


The Big Takeaway --

Neville continued his onslaught towards the top, defeating TJ Perkins in the main event. Ariya Daivari jumped Jack Gallagher as revenge for last week’s duel that didn’t exactly go his way. Despite defeat, Noam Dar still has his eyes on Alicia Fox, and Tajiri made his return, leaving a lasting impression on Brian Kendrick.

Show Recap --

They opened the show by saying that due to attacks by Neville, Rich Swann has not been medically cleared to compete. Instead, TJ Perkins will square off against Neville tonight.

Tajiri defeated Sean Maluta

This was just a match highlighting Tajiri and his moveset, doing all his trademark spots, including the tarantula and the handspring elbow. He scored the win with the buzzsaw kick.

Brian Kendrick came out after the match with a mic. He welcomed Tajiri back, saying that he hasn’t lost a step and was even better than he was back in the day when they were on SmackDown. He said Tajiri brings prestige, and together they can rule 205 Live. He extended his hand, and Tajiri proceeded to shake...but then the green mist returned, blinding Kendrick as Tajiri slithered around.

Dasha Fuentes caught up with Neville. He said people like and respect TJ Perkins, but he has gotten nothing but discrimination. He’s tired of hearing about Perkins’ struggles -- what about his? He’s never been taken seriously because of how he talks and how he looks. When the system is broken, you create your own system. He doesn’t care what anyone on planet Earth thinks of him, and that is dangerous. Tonight TJ Perkins’ fifteen minutes are up, as there can only be one King of the Cruiserweights.

A video package on Tony Nese was shown. He noted how he’s had previous tryouts in the WWE. He made sure to mention he doesn’t see that person who was rejected so many times anymore.

Jack Gallagher defeated Tony Nese by DQ

This didn’t last long. Gallagher did all of his trademark spots, which sent Gulak to the outside. This allowed Ariya Daivari to come in and clip Gallagher’s knee for the DQ. He wrapped it in the tree of woe position and attacked him until referees came and broke it up.

Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox were backstage contemplating what’s been going on. Alexander said he hasn’t been winning lately. Fox said it’s all her fault, but Alexander played it down, saying to just be a bit more careful in the future.

Mustafa Ali defeated Noam Dar

Dar struck Ali while he was entering the ring and worked on an arm. Ali came back and hit a tornado DDT and followed with a rolling neckbreaker. Ali springboarded off the middle rope but Dar grabbed him and applied an armbar. Ali managed to escape, then gave Dar a boot in the corner, taking him down and allowing Ali to hit the imploding 450 splash for the win.

Dasha interviewed Dar. He said don’t worry about his 2017, all he needs is lady luck, and that is Alicia Fox. Alexander might not be much of a man, but Alicia Fox is always welcome in his corner.

An Akira Tozawa package aired. It mostly had Cesaro talking about him. Cesaro put him over by saying he is different than any other competitor.

Tom Phillips was with Perkins, who said he gives Neville credit, but he’s whining too much and accused him of being a bully. And when it comes to being a bully, sometimes all you need to do is kick them in the face.

Neville defeated TJ Perkins

Good TV main event match. Perkins rejected the traditional handshake before the match. Some pretty nice back and forth action to start. Neville tried to go for the phoenix splash but Perkins dodged, giving him control of the match. Perkins followed with a corkscrew splash to the outside, then followed with a diving crossbody. Neville made a comeback and hit the deadlift German suplex. Neville went for the superplex that got him the victory last week, then landed it and scored the win.

Neville sulked in the ring as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts --

With Neville as one of the top stars on 205 Live, this show has finally found something to go with, and it’s going very well. Neville always had the workrate to be a star no matter where he’s at, but this new heel persona is working wonders for him, creating an aura he never had until now.

The rest of the show was perfectly fine (Mustafa Ali looked really good, despite being snubbed after his match when Dar was interviewed instead of him), but it’s clear Neville is becoming the star to watch on this show.