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WWE 205 Live results: Neville vs. Cedric Alexander


The Big Takeaway --

Neville defeated Cedric Alexander in the main event, continuing to build momentum towards his Cruiserweight title match against Rich Swann on Sunday. Brian Kendrick continued to pick up wins over local competitors. TJP has found a new rival in Tony Nese, who made it perfectly clear that it wasn’t over between them. Akira Tozawa will be making his 205 Live debut next week.

Show Recap --

We started off with a look at last night’s Raw, where Rich Swann attacked Neville after Neville backed down from a challenge. Backstage, Tom Phillips asked Neville if he was afraid Swann was gaining too much momentum.

Neville said him being attacked was his mistake, he let it happen and he wouldn’t make that same mistake twice. When Phillips mentioned Neville's match against Cedric Alexander tonight, Neville said he’s looking forward to it, as we will kneel tonight to the King of the Cruiserweights.

TJ Perkins defeated Tony Nese

Solid match. TJP looked good early. Nese grinded him down and did WWE heel work 101 (rest holds). TJP came back with a spinning heel kick. Nese was looking at a turnbuckle when TJP rolled him up out of nowhere for the win.

Nese, not happy about getting pinned out of nowhere, laid Perkins out with a German suplex to the ring post and a running knee strike. Looks like a program is starting between these two.

Akira Tozawa will be making his debut next week. Sami Zayn, sporting a black eye for some reason, put him over.

TJP was being helped away by officials as they showed another replay of Nese attacking him.

The Brian Kendrick came out, ready to face a hometown hero named Tripp Bradshaw. Kendrick said this is a cold, harsh world and he’s ready to snuff out other people’s dreams. He did it to Sean Maluta, he’ll do it to Tajiri if he ever returns from injury, and it’ll happen to Tripp tonight in his hometown.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Tripp Bradshaw

This didn't last long. Kendrick took him down a few times. Tripp tried a comeback, but Kendrick laid him out with a kick and submitted him with the Captain's Hook.

Swann said that Neville thinks he’s unstoppable, that he’s a king. Cedric Alexander said don’t worry about it, he’s got it. Swann told him to save a piece of Neville for him for Sunday.

Neville defeated Cedric Alexander

This was actually a really good match, but the crowd brought it down a notch. Regardless, the last few minutes of this were really great. Neville just “gets it” as a heel and Alexander is really good.

Alexander got some shine early. He landed a brutal kick to Neville’s chest that laid him out, but he took too long and Neville recovered, grabbing and throwing Alexander into the barricade. Alexander came back with a handspring kick and launched off with a tope con hilo to the floor.

Neville responded by taking down Alexander and hitting the deadlift German suplex. They went to the top rope where Alexander went for a sunset flip powerbomb but Neville landed on his feet. Alexander caught him and went for a kick but Noam Dar came in to interfere.

Alexander tripped off the middle rope, which led to Neville latching out a double arm scissors hold and quickly tapping him out.

Dar wanted to lay out Alexander with Neville, but Neville threw him out and continued the assault until Rich Swann hit the ring. Alexander and Dar brawled to the back while referees broke up the situation going on in the ring.

Final Thoughts --

This was a pretty solid episode. You have something to look forward to next week in Tozawa’s debut, the start of a new program between TJP and Nese, and you also had a pretty good main event in Neville and Cedric Alexander.

I wish the crowd was a bit livelier, but that’s the folly of 205 Live -- the enthusiasm for the show might be a lot better if this were taped instead of broadcast live.