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WWE 205 Live results: NXT Breakout Tournament qualifying matches


2021 NXT Breakout Tournament qualifier: Andre Chase defeated Guru Raaj 

Looking back mere moments later, I can barely remember this match. It wasn’t awful, but it was utterly forgettable. 

The match opened with back and forth grappling control. Finally, Raaj connected with a monkey flip before trying for multiple quick pins, ending the opening flow. Chase knocked Raaj into the rope, connecting with numerous strikes in the following moments. Chase took the match to the mat, slowly trying to choke Raaj out.

Raaj fought to a standing position before hitting a back-body-drop. Raaj connected with significant strikes before an awkward dodge (at least I think it was a dodge) allowed Chase to steal control back rather quickly. Chase then hoisted Raaj up and dropped him with a stalling brainbuster for the win.

2021 NXT Breakout Tournament qualifier: Joe Gacy defeated Desmond Troy

If either of these men are within a stone of 205 pounds, I’d be shocked; these are some big men. Weight aside, these two put on a fantastic match filled with high-quality ring work. Troy’s amateur background shined throughout tonight’s outing, and Gacy offered a perfect contrast.

This match opened with Troy quickly dropping Gacy with a suplex, triggering a quick exchange on the mat. Troy shot with a blisteringly quick double-leg takedown as soon as Gacy was back on his feet. 

Gacy was able to interrupt a shoulder tackle, opening Troy up for offence for the first time. A variety of power moves and two big suplexes yielded a Gacy near fall. Troy collapsed after being slammed repeatedly into the turnbuckles, causing Gacy to crash into them in a very cool moment. Troy managed to make it to his feet first, leaving him with proper match control. The offence that followed was filled with beautiful suplexes. 

After receiving a gut-wrench suplex trifecta, Gacy fought free from Troy’s control, connecting with a short strike, uranage, and suplex to close the contest.